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Bon appétit, bébé! {overview}

One of the topics I receive questions about most frequently (besides “are they natural?” =) has to do with how I made baby food for the babies. Now, I’ve only been feeding the triplets for about a year, but during that year I have made a lot of baby food. A lot. And, if you know me, I’ve done more than a little research on this region of parenting – nutritional aspects, cost analyses, time efficiency, product reviews, etc. So, I am happy to finally be able to share my efforts and experiences with you!

making real food

Some of the most frequent questions I hear from you are:

  • When did you first give solids to the babies and what did you give them?
  • How did you decide what to give them?
  • How did you keep them from being picky eaters?
  • Did you do baby-led weaning or puréed baby foods?

You asked, I’ll answer. =) Additionally, over the next several weeks I’ll be tackling the following topics, as well. Topics like:

  • Organic vs. non-organic
  • Cereal – why it’s not so good for Baby
  • Baby against mommy – how to deal with a picky eater
  • To season or not to season – is salt really bad for babies?
  • Coconut oil – what’s the big deal?
  • The egg question
  • The only equipment you really need (skip the Baby Brezza!)

And of course I’ll share a meal plan, shopping list, baby-friendly recipes…and how to prepare two weeks’ worth of food in two hours. That’s right. Two weeks’ worth or 45 meals…in two hours.

So join us each Wednesday as we dive into the world of feeding Baby…real food.

Did I miss anything? What would you like to see discussed?


  1. angela shaw says

    What about freezing avocados? Have you done it? Was it successful? How did you do it? They are priced really well right now and I’d like to snatch up a bunch before the prices goes up!

    • I definitely did it! Oh, boy, did I do it! 🙂 I don’t think it’s worth it, personally. It’s a lot of work. What I ended up doing is simply buying a range of ripe to unripe. The unripe ones went into the fridge, the ripest one got used first and two days before I knew I’d need one – I threw it in a drawer with a bag over it and let it ripen. Easy-peasy! Lemme know what you think! 🙂

  2. Luke & Trisha Gilkerson says

    What a fabulous idea for a blog series! I’ll be sharing this. None of my kids ever would eat baby food. They went straight from mama’s milk to real food. But, this is great for those little ones that like the intermediate stuff 🙂

  3. Luke & Trisha Gilkerson says

    Oh – and I love your pretty picture 🙂 I’m so not a photographer, I wish I was for the sake of my blog! lol

  4. Love this! Can’t wait for the recipes. I’ve been making my own baby food for a few months. I do have the Brezza though and really love it. I don’t think I would have spent my own money on it though…It was a gift.


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