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Benefits of Breastfeeding Baby {Bonding}

Breastfeeding. Most of us have a love-hate relationship with it. Some of us hate it. Others of us can’t imagine not having another baby to breastfeed.  Far from being the “most natural thing in the world,” I found it to be the most difficult thing in the world. But it has also proven to be (quite possibly) the most rewarding thing.babyThere are some amazing benefits of breastfeeding which I’ll be sharing soon. But today is about the bonding that most times results from breastfeeding. (Certainly bonding can take place without a breastfeeding relationship and this is not written to minimize the bond between mother and child where breastfeeding does not take place.)

Attempting to breastfeed three preemies in the NICU, surrounded by tubes and wires that were attached to arms, legs, hands, heads, noses, mouths, was quite daunting. To say the least. And you can read our story of breastfeeding during the first year here:  Breastfeeding Triplets – A Battle of Love. But as soon as we cleared the many hurdles we faced, I found I was really enjoying breastfeeding. There were certainly many days (and nights!) of difficult waters to navigate, but with each day I was learning more and more what a privilege it was to nourish my babies. Some days I could only stare at the baby I was feeding, with wonder and a heart bursting with love, and attempt to remember every detail. So I wrote this poem over a year ago – when the babies were on their way to their first birthday.



My son at two months old…just three weeks after coming home from the hospital. (Daddy was holding the girls. =)

These Mini Moments

by Jennifer Fountain


With little pauses to say “hi,”

Mini tickles and massive snuggles –

We play our little game.


Studying each small feature,

Memorizing every pint-sized detail of

Buried noses and wet lips,

Tiny fingers, chubby hands.


Your sweet breath and secret smiles,

Warm body and beating heart,

Match mine in rhythmic motion.


Little hands that reach –

To hold my face,

To touch my skin,

To grip my heart.


What do you love about breastfeeding? How do you bond with your baby?

photo credit: peasap via photopin cc

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  1. I loved breastfeeding!!!! I agree, it was such a rewarding experience. It wasn’t always easy…and I cried many times, but the rewards outweighed the hard times. Since our baby was the first grandchild on both sides (and then the only grandchild in town) lots of family members wanted to hold him and spend time with him….I was so thankful that I had to take him back every few hours to feed him!! It guaranteed quiet time with my son….I wouldn’t trade those moments for everything. Thanks for sharing this–I agree, breasteeding is well worth the work.


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