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Breastfeeding Place – website launch!

If you’ve been around here long, you know that I’m pro-breastfeeding. So I’m super excited to introduce you to the:

Breastfeeding Place


This is a brand new website run by more than a dozen of us work-at-home-mamas, lactation consultants, medical professionals, etc. – with a combined total of nearly 70 years of breastfeeding experience!! Our goal is to provide a place to offer help, advice and support for women on their breastfeeding journey. Whatever your journey looks like and however long it lasts, I think you’ll find this site to be a wonderful resource for you.

The ladies and I will be bringing you fresh data, stories, ideas and suggestions to make your breastfeeding experience as successful as possible. We’ll be myth-busting, discussing common challenges, even sharing ideas for breast milk-alternatives! If you have questions, ask us! If you have something to share, go for it! If you have friends who are breastfeeding (or thinking about breastfeeding), share this!

We want, and need!, to hear from you.

And of course, what website would be complete without some fun! Stay tuned for all kinds of ways you can jump in and get involved, give back to others, and win fun stuff!

My profile page is here. I’ll be sharing several times a month here (my most recent post is here). And you can expect to hear from me all day on Fridays at the Breastfeeding Place’s Facebook page. So take a moment to look around and subscribe to get all the latest info right to your inbox.  

What topics would you like to see covered at The Breastfeeding Place?


  1. Jennifer, I’m so happy you are able to make the time to be a part of this team! You have such a unique perspective as a mom of triplets and I always find your writing so refreshing. Looking forward to seeing where this endeavor takes us! 🙂

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