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Posting at the Breastfeeding Place

screenshotNot long ago I was asked by Trisha over at Intoxicated on Life to write a couple of posts for a series she was doing on breastfeeding. I thought about it for all of two seconds and said YES. This series turned into something bigger than anticipated and has become a website of its own: Breastfeeding Place.

I am so excited to be one of the regular contributing authors to this site! It’s been fun getting to write about something I love and am passionate about: breastfeeding! Amazingly, the information available for assisting mamas breastfeeding multiples (especially triplets) is almost non-existent. It certainly was lacking when I began breastfeeding over 21 months ago. I hope to join other MoMs at the BreastfeedingPlace and change this!

Amyways, the sequel to Breastfeeding Triplets: A Battle of Love recently was published:

There was much rejoicing when the babies turned a year old—but much sadness, too. My babies were getting big (that was really sad). The year had flown by and so much of it was a blur. However, we made it through the first year with three newborns (that was cause for celebration)! And all three babies were still nursing (also cause for celebration)! I could hardly believe that I had breastfed triplets for a year. When I was pregnant, my loftiest goal was to breastfeed two and hopefully have enough expressed milk to bottle-feed the third. So, imagine my surprise and delight to find that the babies were happy to continue! They felt no need to wean…so neither did I.

Are you going to be one of those breastfeeding moms?

Maybe. I guess so? Wait, what do you mean by “one of those?”

As I entered the “extended breastfeeding” stage, I did feel a shift in people’s responses. Whereas there was admiration and awe prior to the one year mark, afterwards I was needing to explain that it is actually still incredibly beneficial. So when people ask why I’m still breastfeeding I usually leave it at something like, “We’ve worked so hard to get to this place; I enjoy it, they enjoy it, and it’s still so good for them.”

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Do you know a mom of multiples breastfeeding or expressing breast milk? Would you let her know about this awesome new site?


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