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Introducing: Foodie Fridays

These days there are so many different diets and ways to eat. From weight-loss programs to lifestyle eating, you can find book after book, and blog after blog promoting and informing on just one approach to food. It can be overwhelming! Enter “Foodie Fridays!”

Foodie Fridays

Not too long ago, I began to realize that so many diets, or ways of eating, cut out this food or that one. And while I believe doing so for a time can be incredibly beneficial to many, I think God created a smorgasbord of foods for all of His children to enjoy. The key, though, are two things: moderation and natural.


file000149755006We’ll talk more about this in the coming weeks, but most of America’s diet is anything but moderate. One has only to look around at the vast number of restaurants boldly flashing signs for “all you can eat” or “super-sizing” your meal. It’s as if we feel we deserve that larger drink, the “dinner-size” portion at lunch or the afternoon venti frappe.

But before you click away, anticipating my fist slamming down against all eating out, all big meals and all treats…that’s not what I am suggesting! I live in the real world: this fast-paced, events-driven, drive-thru, and date-night lifestyle many of us lead lends itself to great challenges in eating well. I am not about total exclusion. I am about moderation. These things can also be gifts from God, used for fellowship with others or building into our marriage or family, or simply a necessity.

These things can also be sources of great conflict, though. Have you come across (in the online-world or elsewhere) people passionately holding onto their way of doing things to the exclusion of other’s opinions or preferences? That is not what this is about – in fact, I welcome those differing opinions because I have learned so very much from listening to their reasoning! And I hope to raise our crazy trio to understand why we make the choices we do while also knowing how to be gracious when offered something we wouldn’t typically choose.

All of this is moderation.


file0001307224404The second aspect would be choosing to eat foods in their most natural, raw or basic state. When God created the world, He made so many more foods, animals and plants than have survived to this day. He did not, however, create so many of the modern inventions and products we see on shelves today. So many food processes have changed over the centuries – some are good and some have been very, very detrimental. We’ll talk more about some of these soon, as well. But for most of history, people spent the vast majority of their time and money on growing, harvesting and preparing food for their family. There is a reason for this: it is what God mandated and it is the healthiest way of eating.

So here at Growing Up Triplets, we’ll be spending Fridays talking about some aspect of food and it’s effect on us. You’ll also find lots of recipes and meal plans for jump-starting your own preparations. And hopefully we’ll have some great dialogue along the way and suggestions from others – I want to hear from you!!

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What questions or thoughts does this bring up for you? Agree? Disagree?


  1. OH, I am so excited for this series!


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