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Foodie Fridays: Homemade Marinara Sauce

marinaraThanks for joining us again for Foodie Fridays! Last week we talked about how eating real food is good. Really good. And pretty much nothing should need to be off limits. Especially when it comes to homemade marinara sauce!

The other day I was telling David how shocked I am at times to find how easy it is to make some of these food items I just assumed were so difficult. I mean, they’re sold in the grocery stores, so they must be difficult to make, right?


So much of our food is actually rather easily prepared – and with much “hands off” time! And, in this day and age, we have the added blessing of being able to prepare lots of food in advance and freeze it (my garage deep-freeze freezer is probably one of my all-time favorite things ever!).

One of the foods I love preparing in advance is marinara sauce. Have you ever looked at the ingredients list on a jar of the store-bought stuff? Did you know probably half the ingredients aren’t necessary if you go homemade? And did you know you essentially throw all the ingredients into the pot and let it simmer?

It’s true. I wouldn’t lie to you!! …I wouldn’t!

Homemade Marinara Sauce – The Low Down

Lately, I’ve  been using this recipe. It’s about 10 ingredients long, not including the yummy. (I have started getting all my herbs and spices from Mountain Rose Herbs because they’re organic and cheaper than I can find anywhere else!) I double it and don’t add the sugar (I’d add succanat to cut the acidity, if necessary). When selecting your canned tomato products – look carefully at the ingredients. Even organic brands often contain additives and unnecessary ingredients. If possible, substitute fresh tomatoes. In a pinch, use those cans. I was in a pinch. This batch got cans – organic, but still cans. Eh.

And in no time flat, I’ve got half a meal prepared x eight! Or more. (A 24 oz jar stretches our family for almost two full meals.) I usually serve mine and the babies’ over quinoa – it’s actually good! Have you tried it? Oh, and David gets pasta.

Boom. Many, many dinners done. And in shiny, pretty jars. That makes me happy. David likes it when I’m happy. My freezer likes it when I’m happy…ok, not really.


Do you have a favorite marinara sauce recipe? Wanna share?


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