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My Friend Paris: Book Review and Giveaway

cover_birthdayIt always amazes me to hear about child entrepreneurs and how motivated they are. This young girl, Paris, is no different and I’m excited to share her work with you. “My Friend Paris” is a series of books written by this 10 year old about her experiences with finding out her mom was pregnant with twins!

Paris wanted to help others walk through what she did before, during and after her twin sisters were born. Nearly a dozen books relay, from a Big Sister’s perspective, what it is like to:

  • have Mom on bed-rest while pregnant
  • bring two babies home from the hospital
  • share the attention with the new little marvels
  • travel with her twin sisters all over the world – including France and Italy!


Regardless of how many children you have, or will be having!, this series is really precious and children of all ages will enjoy exploring with Paris the adventures she has with her twin sisters. And while my babies probably won’t be getting twin siblings anytime soon, they sure enjoy Paris’ escapades!

This giveaway is for three books, valued at over $38. The titles include one of each of the following:

Other titles include:

Paris also has quite a few fun, free printables available here.

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  1. Awww, wanted to enter, but I don’t have Twitter. Oh, well!

  2. I think MJ would be so happy to hear I was having twins although I’m pretty sure she would have no idea what that meant. Sounds like a fun set of books regardless of if you have multiples or not. Hope to check them out soon.

  3. Shirisha Prodduturi says

    My daughter will be very happy as she gets to play with 2 babies.

  4. No twins here..yet (it’s always possible right?), but when I look at this picture I think ‘I wonder if she feels out numbered?’ Love it.

  5. I’m presuming this is for US residents, but just wanted to say they look like great books, and well done you for hosting a giveaway!

  6. Patricia says

    I have to say that if my triplets heard I was having twins, they’d be excited–they’re at the age they love babies. My husband and the rest of the world would ask if I was insane! 🙂

  7. Patricia says

    OK, so I tried opening a twitter account… I’m trying…

  8. I am sure our triplets would LOVE to have two more babies to play with!

  9. If I told my 4 older kids we were having another set of twins, I think they would flip out…not in a good way. Maybe in time….

  10. My kids would be so excited to find out we were having twins! We all would love it!
    Or triplets 😉

  11. Stacey Ruch says

    When my sons found out we were having twins, one cried and the other two were just in shock. It took them a little while to catch on that there were TWO new babies coming!!

  12. If my kids heard I was having twins they would probably why only 2 being that they are triplets… Hee hee

  13. My kids would say… I hope this time they’re girls!
    The first time, my oldest son just said “See, I told you so!”

  14. Woot woot!! Thanks! It’ll be kind of neat since Kati was 10 when we found out we were having twins & when we brought them home from the hospital.

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