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Organizing Your Child – How to Store Those Memories

Organizing your child? Easy-peasy! I’m not the sentimental type. I’m not! I don’t stash stuff. Ok, maybe not much. Well, except when it comes to my husband. And my children. Hmmm. 

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Well, I suppose I do have my fair share of “memories” saved up in boxes. Every so often I purge those boxes, though! What was once super important to me just isn’t worth stashing compared to some of the other items in there.

When we found out we were having triplets, I got everything my hubby and I had in boxes down to one hope chest! I knew were in for an onslaught of…stuff.

And boy, was I right! We filled this house up in just a couple of months! We had three cribs, three swings (ours liked swings like this), three bouncy seats (like this one), three of this, three of that. We had stacks and stacks of diapers (before we started using cloth diapers) and just a .ton. of stuff.

Since we really aren’t sure what the Lord has in store for us with regards to future children (we hope to adopt but probably an older child), I knew I would get rid of almost everything. I couldn’t wait to get the big equipment out of my house since they took up space. But the hospital stuff. Ohhhh, that stuff started piling up!

I’m not sure what it is about hospital paraphernalia – is it a preemie thing? But the weeks we spent in the NICU, I saved just about everything. I saved every bracelet, of course. But then I saved the little “sunglasses” they wore for the short time they were jaundiced and under the lights. I saved the itsy-bitsy diapers they wore at 3 lbs, 13 oz. I saved the measuring tape they used on each of them and the bp cuff they each wore around their tiny ankles. I saved my favorite blankies, my favorite teeny knit hats. I saved the first container I poured my expressed liquid gold into – it held about a teaspoonful!

So when they started growing out of their clothes, I realized there was no need to keep most of them (buy three sets, attempt to sell three sets – no hand me downs between siblings with multiples. :sniff: ).

I’m pretty sure every mama has baby clothing that has special meaning to her. And I am no different. It dawned on me that I had to find a place to store three babies’ worth! And soon! It was all taking over my room, their room, our guest room, the bathroom – you name it.

Organizing Your Child – Bin for You, Bin for Them

Then I remembered what my mama did. She had a bin for each of us with things that were special to her. So I get three bins and in go those memories!

These days I’m adding to their bins things like their first craft – so grown up, right? =) What comes next? What will I save over the next 16 years? I suppose things like the first cards they write to me all on their own?

But should I share this space with all the things that they want to save? No way! A tip I heard years ago has stuck with me all this time:

Each child gets their own small bin and can store whatever they want in it: crafts, projects, clothing, toys, notes, awards, etc. When it becomes full, they must make the decision about what they get rid of to make room for their new “memories.”

I thought that was ingenious! It sure would have cut down on my bins and bins worth of memories from my growing up years. So I should end up with one bin for me for each of them and one bin for each of them. Hey, I can plan, right? =)

How do you store your children’s memories?


  1. I think you have great aspirations for a bin for you and a bin for them! My mom had the same policy with 5 kids…and she stuck to it! When I got married, I left the house with the bin, well, it became a binder, of what she put together for me and I had my “special box.” I remember how when our special boxes began to overflow she’d make us sort through our treasures. So I think you can do it!!

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