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On the Menu, Week 1

On the heels of Foodie Fridays (with lots of recipes linked-up to try!), comes the menu for next week’s meals.

menuOne of my fave “tricks” is to save leftovers for the next night’s dinner – instead of eating them for lunch the next day. Since dinners are often the most expensive meal of the day, eating leftovers for dinner typically saves money. I’m all about that! I’m also really big on meals looking pretty and not so big on just one-pot-meals. (I miiiiight love cooking shows enough to get me in some trouble here.)

Lunches. Ohhhh, that idea of saving last night’s dinner for tonight instead of today’s lunch sounds great until I’m staring in the fridge trying to figure out what to send the hubby with to work. He loves sandwiches, as do I, but sandwiches five days a week kinda gets boring. So then I came up with a plan. We typically shop for food on the weekends (our farmer’s market is on Saturday mornings) so we have salad jars over the weekend. A couple weekdays we have one of two soups I’ve made big batches of and pull out of the freezer the night before. Another couple of weekdays we have sandwiches. And one day is either a free-for-all or super casual hummus and veggies. Never.Gets.Old.

Breakfasts in our house are usually eggs and fruit. I do the eggs up a million different ways so we never really get tired of them. Occasionally I’ll switch out the eggs for something like a grain-free muffin or bread. And we always have fruit. The babies would mutiny if I said “no fruit today.” (I stop them at 2.5 bananas. Each. After an egg, each. And a cup of milk, each. Seriously, guys?!)

So for all those days we stare at the computer screen, attempting to plan meals but getting stuck in a rut…well, here’s to no more ruts!



  • Fresh salad
  • Homemade soup
  • Chips & salsa with veggies and homemade hummus
  • Homemade pbj
  • Homemade sammies


What’s on your menu this week???


  1. Sounds very similar to the meals in our house! Eggs are a staple – scrambled, poached, omelettes etc. I will also occasionally do a very eggy French toast with gluten-free breads.

    This week I’m planning on roasting some local tomatoes to make a homemade Bolognese, served with spaghetti squash. We are also fans of vegetarian meals, so homemade chickpea burgers and chipotle black bean tostados ( are on the menu this week.


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