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Gatekeepers: Becoming Wise Protectors of Our Families

pinterestA little girl’s innocence is robbed of her in the dark night hours. By her uncle. She finds herself in a hell on earth which she does not understand and didn’t ask for, but is told to never speak a word of it to anyone.

A seven year old boy hears the word “sex” and looks it up online. Seconds later, he’s flooded with images burned into his young brain. Fascinated and yet aware that somehow this is wrong, he begins a secret life – hidden from his parents.

A teen, with heart pounding like a drum, shares with his parents that he is gay. And holds his breath for their response, desperately hoping to read love and not hatred in the eyes of the ones who gave him life.

A husband wakes up in the middle of the night to an empty bed. And finds his wife in the study with the computer, looking for satisfaction from an empty, yet promising world. Crushed and confused, he unwittingly pushes her further away – deeper into her darkness.

The Hurting

These stories represent countless situations that take place every day. I have long felt a burden for those who have been abused, as well as those who have walked into a vast universe of temptations, unsure as to how they got there. I could hardly see the screen as I typed the first part of this article, knowing the pain so many endure.

And I especially have a burden for those in the church who find themselves in unexpected situations:

  • Christian parents who wonder “what they did wrong” when they learn of their child’s addiction, confession or abuse.
  • Christian children who are abused by someone who claims to be a follower of Christ and who distorts their image and view of a loving, righteous and compassionate God.
  • Christians who have been unaware of the sin crouching at their door.

So we’re going to discuss a lot in this series. A lot of raw stuff. Maybe some uncomfortable stuff. Possibly some stuff you disagree with – but don’t leave, let’s talk! 

Proverbs 4:23 says,“Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.”

We all face temptations to sin, which means our families will face temptations to sin, as well. We’ll be exploring our responsibilities to be prepared for these temptations and to, when appropriate, guard our (and their!) hearts. We also want to look at ways in which we can fight sin together, coming alongside of one another and spurring each other on.

Let’s figure out how to become wise protectors of our families.

The Authors

In this series, Gatekeepers: Becoming Wise Protectors of Our Families, you will hear from over a dozen different authors. Some are “in the trenches” of what they write about. Some are shepherds of flocks. Some are on the other side of the trenches and have a fire in their belly to reach out to those who are struggling – to let them know there is Hope. And help. And some are parents who want to share what they’ve learned.

The Topics

We can only brush the surface with a spectrum as broad as this issue is, but hopefully the authors will provide a springboard for further information. So some of the issues we’ll be discussing are:

  • Fighting fear
  • How to get help
  • Porn in the church
  • Discovering your spouse’s addiction
  • What should our response be
  • Christian teens and same-sex attraction
  • Discovering your child’s addiction
  • Raising children to desire purity
  • Dealing with our own sin
  • and more.

For more information on topics and direct links, click here.

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I look forward to sharing with you the stories of these men, women and children and seeing the hope and help available to us – at the Cross.


  1. Looking forward to this series, to become informed, equipped, and healing all bundled up in biblical and gospel truths from a practical standpoint!


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