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I Am Enough

I look at my three children. My three screaming, laughing, squirming, dancing toddlers. I wonder how in the world can I enough maingive them everything they need?

How can one person give them the love and nurturing and training and care so they grow into responsible, God-honoring adults?

How can I be this person when I already feel stretched so thin?

How can I be the best for them when my best feels so insignificant compared to my girlfriend’s Pinterest-worthy best?

How can I guide them when most of the time I already don’t know the answers and head to Google, my mom, my girlfriends and Dr. Sears (usually in that order)?

How can I give them what they need when what I have feels so empty and pitiful – like leftovers from three days ago?

And then I realize, or maybe the Holy Spirit prompts, they don’t need perfect. They need me.

They need the little and the lot that I have to give.

They need my hugs and smiles.

They need my vulnerability and not my striving to keep up.

They need my best, no matter how grand or trivial it seems to me.

They need my humility and transparency to admit I don’t know how to handle this tantrum. (Which is practice for not too many years from now when the “I don’t knows” will be about how to handle boyfriends and girlfriends.)

They need my time. They need my eye-contact.

They need me to laugh at their attempts to tickle me, to join them in their silly dance moves.

They need me to be consistent with training and faithful with restoration.

They need my mess and imperfections. They need me.

I am enough for them. God made it that way.

I am exactly what they need – not because I’m perfect but because He designed my weaknesses to show them His faithfulness. My mess is part of the process. And I am enough.

Do you struggle to feel “enough” for your children?


  1. How kind of God to give you His peace and perspective in this season!

  2. I love this. Thank you for the reminder that we (with the strength and grace that God has given) ARE enough. His words gives us everything that we need! 🙂


  1. […] And, because I’m a mom, I know what it’s like to be in the trenches! So I share reality. Yep. I am enough – even when I feel inadequate. […]

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