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Covenant Eyes Gives Away 1 Year of Internet Accountability {Giveaway}

If you’ve been following the Gatekeeper series, you may have picked up on the fact that (around here) we view internet accountability and filtering as necessary as is the internet itself! Covenant Eyes is the service we love. I have participated with the service for years and years and love seeing this company’s passion for purity.

internet accountability

No Internet? Impossible!

Let’s face it: the internet is practically impossible to live without.

  • Schools across the country (from elementary through post-grad) utilize the internet.
  • Online purchasing (from toilet paper to trail mix) is growing by the minute (Amazon is a force to be reckoned with!).
  • Social media (like Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, etc. etc. etc!) has exploded into a colliding world of information and connecting with friends and strangers alike.
  • Mobile devices are becoming more common (from smart phones to iPads to laptops).

This means that pornography (soft and hard core) is just a click away. Jessica shared with us (here) that pornography is no respecter of persons. It can entice and consume anyone: pastors, children, women and girls.

Pornography is not just something “the guys” struggle with.

For this reason, I find that it’s not a question of whether or not someone in my family will come across pornography….it’s a question of when. This is why we use Covenant Eyes. It’s not because I don’t trust David (or vice versa). It’s because we know how easy the access is to pornography, and how quickly sin is waiting to ensnare each of us. (Genesis 4:7)

How Internet Accountability Works

Through the accountability Covenant Eyes provides, you can customize your family’s needs to ensure you, and any accountability partners you choose, have the resources to hold others accountable – or to be held accountable yourself.

  1. Sign-up (disclosure: this is an affiliate link and at no cost to you, I receive a small percentage of any products purchased – which goes right back into running this blog). By signing up with this link, you will receive your first month free!
  2. Add users: which members of the family will be receiving internet accountability and filtering? In our house, this is both of us, all our devices, and will someday include our children!
  3. Choose accountability partners: who will be receiving the email reports? You can ask parents, pastors, small group leaders, friends, or anyone else who will support you and your family with this process.
  4. Select services: which members of your family would you like to have both accountability and filtering?

It’s that easy!

For less than the cost of two weeks’ worth of gasoline, you can provide your family with a year’s worth of internet accountability and filtering!

Covenant Eyes also has Family Accounts. For only $13.99/month, you can have as many usernames as you want on as many devices as you need. So you can monitor yourself, your spouse, all your kids, grandparents, and even the babysitter—all for a flat rate.

Covenant Eyes: Info and Resources

Here are just a few of the many resources, ministries and individuals impacted by Covenant Eyes:

With all of these resources, clearly this is not a fight that goes away without a battle, tools, and a desire for change!


Covenant Eyes is partnering with Growing Up Triplets to offer a year’s worth of accountability and filtering for your entire family and their devices!

If you choose to sign up for the service now, before a winner is chosen, Covenant Eyes will credit you one year on your account.

Know anyone who could benefit? Share this giveaway opportunity with your church staff, family members, friends, etc.!

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Did you know? More than half of all American adults own a smart phone! How many of our kiddos do, too? Nearly 1 in 5 searches on a mobile device are for porn.


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