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On The Menu, Week 7 + Chili

I’m excited because CHILI is back on the menu!!! I am pretending the fall weather has arrived (it’s almost November, for goodness’ sake!) and I love chili so that makes me very happy. And happy is good, right? =) I also have this thing for the cilantro-lime sour cream. Mmmmm! And I grew up putting chili over rice – although we use quinoa mostly. We may just eat this outside…that is, if it’s below 80. =)

On The Menu, Week 7 + Chili     l  #chil  #menuBreakfasts


  • Salad jars
  • Homemade hummus with veggies, organic chips and salsa
  • PBJ on sourdough
  • Homemade black bean soup
  • Tuna open-faced sammy on sourdough


  • Wedding! (My brother is getting marrrrrrrrried!)
  • Fajita salad
  • Harvest salad with maple syrup dressing
  • Beef chili with quinoa or rice and cilantro-lime sour cream (enough for two meals)
  • Grilled chicken thighs with carrot chips (enough for two meals)

What’s your fave meal of the day??

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