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Coming Soon – The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle Sale!

What do you and I and a pile of candy wrappers have in common? A small pig-out into the kiddos’ stash from last night!

Oh, my! =)

Well, if you are looking for some ways to get your family on (or back on) track during the holiday season, you have got to check out this sale. I am so excited about it!!

Titles like these have got my fingers itching for them to hit my Kindle (and iPhone!)!

Oh, and these:

Gah! So much info! Did you know there are 82 more eBooks included in this bundle?? And $150+ worth in freebies, deals and discounts?!

If you bought all of these individually, you’d spend about $1000! But that’s crazy, right? Right! So how about $29.97?

Yep. You read that right!

The Important Things in Life

So what is most urgent on your plate right now? Getting educated about a healthy lifestyle? What about feeling equipped to tackle certain aspects of healthy living? Would it be helpful to be mentored through various aspects of what seems overwhelming right now?

I get it! So, if you were just interested in getting mentored and attending the conference, the bundle more than pays for itself. And the eBooks I listed above? They more than pay for my entire bundle!! Seriously…a steal.

Now take a look at alllllllll the books you’ll get for less than $30!

This sale is only available November 4-9! If you want to be notified by email as soon as the sale goes live, sign up below and I’ll be sure to get you the 4-1-1! =)

If you’d like to see a detailed list of all the resources available November 4-9 for only $29.97, click here.

*****Update: This sale is over but these resources are still stellar ideas for gifts – or for yourself! Subscribe (for free!) so you don’t miss the next sale and deals like these!*****

Which resources are you excited about???


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