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How to Create an eBook Library

No, thanks. I read real books. 

That was my response, too! Before I downloaded my first one. 😉 I am an avid reader (well, when children aren’t demanding me and the pot on the stove isn’t boiling over and I don’t have a blog deadline to meet!). I love books that smell old. I love books that are falling apart. Few things in this life are as fascinating to me as books. They tell stories – and not just with the words on their pages! The hands that have held them, tears that have fallen on their pages, and wisdom that has been gleaned – these are just a few of the stories books can tell.

How to Create an eBook Library #books #greenliving #sale

The look of a stack of old books with crumbly spines, the beckoning of an antique book store, the chance to hold an ancient tome (<— I like using big words sometimes)…these things thrill me. So go ahead. Call me a nerd. I’m cool with that. 😉

However, a lot has changed lately. They’ve invented these nifty little things like Kindles and iPads – and you can put books on them!!

Now, why would I want to do that if I can hold the book, turn the pages, highlight sections, dog ear and stash on a shelf?

Because I don’t have enough room in the house for all of the books I want! Let’s face it, people! When you have children (and, boy, do I have children!), they take over! The bookcases become homes for The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Brown Bear, Brown Bear. And, while I love teaching my children with books we already have, I also would like to still manage to have a library for me.

So when I downloaded my first eBook, and began to read…I was hooked.

But where do you put all those eBooks? Great question!!

How to Create an eBook Library

I created a nice little folder on my laptop. It’s labeled “eBooks”…because I’m creative like that. 😉

Within this folder, I have all of my eBooks divided into categories and they all live in little folders – isn’t that so similar to a bookshelf? (Further note on my nerdiness: I used to arrange all my beloved books by height. Oh, yes, I did. Now, I have children. Get it?)

How to Create an eBook Library #books #greenliving #sale

And, as you can see, I have just added 12 folders and 86 eBooks to my library!

How to Create an eBook Library #books #greenliving #sale

See? Creating a useable eBook library is super simple and completely customizable. These eBooks can be uploaded to your mobile device, Kindle, Nook, etc. Pretty versatile and totally transportable! (For FAQ and how-to, read this post or this one.)

You can get started creating your own library with the same eBooks I did here – with the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle Sale. And you can read my what I love about them here.

Already know you want the whole shebang? (You go-getter, you!) Click below to get started!

Do you love eBooks? Have you created an eBook library?

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