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10 Green Gifts Worth $250 – {FREE}

What’s better than getting yourself some fun stuff? Why, scoring some great Christmas gifts for others…for free! Read on to see how you can give more than 10 green gifts to friends and family members at no extra cost to you!! (But, hurry! These deals end Saturday, November 9 at midnight!)

*****Update: This sale is over but these resources are still stellar ideas for gifts! Subscribe (for free!) so you don’t miss the next sale and deals like these!*****

10 Green Gifts Worth $250 – FREE!

10 Green Gifts Worth $250 - {FREE}

  1. The Breakfast Basket – For the friend or family member who eats cereal for breakfast but is super bored with it: revolutionize this family’s morning fuel-up with a copy of The Breakfast Revolution (by Beth). And then she can plan out her recipes for four months using the online menu planner from Plan to Eat($28.75 value)
  2. The Spa Collection – For the girlfriend who is always putting others first, put a jar of Sweet Orange Body Scrub (from Jenuinely Pure) in front of her and she’ll have no choice but to hide it from the fam! (Receive $15 product free with $15 purchase.)
  3. The Paris Place – Anyone looking to revolutionize their bread basket will be thrilled with this collection of recipes from Whole Breakfasts & Breads (by Rachel). Get her started on her real-food baking journey with a kitchen standard from Wise Choice Market: Organic Spelt Flour. ($12.94 value)
  4. The No Guilt Zone – Know someone struggling with a sugar and/or wheat-free lifestyle? It’s tough to make the switch! Surprise them with Sweet Freedom: Desserts You’ll Love without Wheat, Eggs, Dairy or Refined Sugars (by Ricki)- an excellent resource full of yummy desserts they can savor without guilt! Add this to two months of free membership to Fit 2 Be Studio and they’ll be making you a huge batch of Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins (p. 36) to say “thank you!” ($34.93 value)
  5. Salve-y Home – This resource (Salve Made Simple, by Jennifer) will give your friend the tools she needs to make over 30 different salves – easily! From eczema to menstrual-cramp relief, these recipes will make her wonder how she got along without them this long! ($7.95 value)
  6. The Honeymoon Package – Give that newlywed couple a few resources to take with them on their honeymoon – resources that will revolutionize their first year as a couple! A Simple Marriage (by Corey), 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life by (Crystal), and 31 Days to Great Sex (by Sheila) are sure to get them talking…and stuff. 😉 ($14.97 value)
  7. Apartment Life – Give a loved one the gift of a garden in a small spot: gardening can be done in an apartment! Apartment Gardening (by Jami) will help them do just that! And then watch her excitement grow as you gift her attendance to “Coffee Table Conversations” (12 weekly one hour live conference calls where she can ask questions – any and all! ($72.95 value)
  8. The Mom Dilemma – With small children, pots boiling over, and laundry piling up, encourage a dear friend that these days will be gone before she knows it.  Gift her an eCopy of Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert (by Erin), Love Your Mayhem (by Amy), and Adventures with Kids! In the Kitchen (by Chara)…and maybe offer to watch the kiddos while she reads them at the local coffee joint. 😉 ($31.44 value)
  9. The Budget-Keeper – Know someone trying really hard to serve up real food…on a real budget? Then she’ll probably jump for joy and hug your neck after receiving Real Food on a Real Budget (by Stephanie)! ($18.97 value)
  10. The Doctor Is In – Every mom starts wondering, as winter approaches, how many snotty noses she’ll wipe this year. Combine a printed eCopy of Herbal Remedies for Children During the Cold & Flu Season (by Rosalee) and a natural antibiotic for cold and flu from Trilight Health ($34.94 value)

So…what are you waiting for?! Start (or finish!!!) your Christmas shopping for all the friends and family you were thinking about while reading this! The value of these 10 gifts is $250 and are included in The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle Sale. For only $29.97, you get all of the above and over $750 in eBooks, products and deals!! Click here to see the rest of the $73.93-worth of freebies and deals you still get to enjoy – even after gifting all of the above! Oh, and see the 73 other eBooks you haven’t designated for your lucky friends…yet. 

For the full details and information, see here.

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