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Goat’s Milk Formula – One Mother’s Solution for Twins

Goat’s milk formula??! What’s in it? Where will I find the milk? Raw milk??…are you sure that’s safe? What if the boys don’t like it? What if it upsets their tummies? How much will this cost? How on earth will I continually mix it up with all of those ingredients? It seems overwhelming already!

These were just some of the thoughts I had as we began the process of transitioning to goat’s milk formula when my boys were four months old. Let me digress and share a little about our journey…

Goat's Milk Formula - One Mother's Solution for Twins    #formula #twins #breastfeeding

A Need and A Solution: Goat’s Milk Formula

I planned on breastfeeding my twins until they were at least a year old. I knew it would be a challenge, but never in my wildest dreams did I think it would be as difficult as it was. I breastfed my twins for nearly four months, and although I pumped like crazy, nursed as often as I could, took every supplement/tea/prescription I could to increase my supply, ultimately I never produced enough for two babies. When my babies were four months old, I needed to stop breastfeeding for many reasons, one of which included severe postpartum depression. I’ll spare you the gut-wrenching details, but know that this was the.hardest.decision.I.have.ever.made!

So, what next? Our donor milk was nearly gone. Commercial formula was something I really wanted to avoid due to the synthetic ingredients and often negative health effects. I wanted to find something as close to breast milk as I could. I wanted to find something that my husband and I felt good about feeding our boys every day. At this same time, I had heard about goat’s milk formula from three different people, two of which were currently feeding their babies with the homemade formula. Although I knew nothing about this formula, I felt like it was a sign, and I began to look into it a little more. I read about it on the website for Weston A Price Foundation (get the book Nourishing Traditions) as well as other sites and blogs with personal success stories. I learned many things about goat’s milk. One being the protein structure of goat milk is close to breast milk which makes it easier to digest compared to other dairy products. I also read that goat’s milk is the closest supplement to human milk. It seemed like the perfect healthy version of formula that we could make and feed out boys. So, I started doing some calling and rather quickly I found a farmer near us that sold raw goat’s milk for a reasonable price. I also got a recipe from my boys’ chiropractor whose business partner used the formula with her preemie son when he was born.

Now to convince the hubby of all that I found! It took some time to share with my husband what I had learned about goat’s milk in comparison to human milk as well as the ingredients and inadequacies of commercial formula. He felt comfortable with moving forward and trying the homemade goat’s milk formula. We received questions and raised eyebrows from family who disagreed with our decision and were concerned with the use of “raw milk.” Ultimately we decided to ignore the nay-sayers and listened more closely to those that were supporting us in the stressful challenges we faced in stopping with breastfeeding and deciding to transition to a homemade formula.

We briefly discussed the financial cost of making this transition. The recipe calls for several ingredients, all of which are valuable and necessary for their own reasons (recipe coming soon!). I never did check on the prices and cost for making a batch of formula as I wasn’t willing to use commercial formula and wanted our babies to have something as close to human milk as they could, regardless of the cost. I didn’t think I could put a price on something this important- the growth and health of our babies.

So, we went to the farm, got two gallons of milk, made the formula, and crossed our fingers that the boys would like it. They didn’t like it, they loved it! 🙂 They drank it like champs and did so well on it. Their moods were the same, diaper counts were the same, and they were still happy and content little boys. So the next time we went to the farm we got four gallons, and the time after that we got seven gallons. Now, we get eight gallons every time we go to the farm, which gives us 16 gallons of formula and lasts approximately 3 weeks. Every time we make the formula, we know we’re doing all that we can to give our boys the best nutritive formula we can.

Making Goat’s Milk Formula – Easier than it Seems

When I first read the recipe, however, I cried. Honestly, I cried. I was suffering from postpartum depression, didn’t think I’d have to stop breastfeeding so early, and the recipe and all of the ingredients looked overwhelming to me.

I have to tell you, though, it is quite easy to make. Truly! I make 16 gallons of formula at a time, and it takes me approximately 1 ½ hours to do so. I store the milk in half-gallon glass Kerr jars (find them here). The milk lasts in the refrigerator for about 4-5 days before it starts to have a stronger “goaty” taste. We go through about ¾ gallon each day, so we are always thawing milk and using fresh milk each day. When we thaw the milk, we set it in a large bowl of cold water and leave it on the kitchen counter.

I truly cannot say enough positive things about our transition to goat’s milk formula. Our boys love it; they’re so healthy and growing like weeds! It’s easy to make. It’s a healthy option full of nourishing, wholesome ingredients. If you are considering goat’s milk formula as an option for your little one(s) and have any questions, please leave a comment and I’d be happy to help!

Goat's Milk Formula - One Mother's Solution for Twins    #formula #twins #breastfeeding

My boys when they were newborns…

Goat's Milk Formula - One Mother's Solution for Twins    #formula #twins #breastfeeding

A current shot of my big boys!

Angela will be sharing a tutorial and her recipe for goat’s milk formula next week. Subscribe (for free!) so you don’t miss it!


  1. So the milk you bought at the farm you have to them directly? How can I be sure that raw milk will be safe? I’m not very educated on this topic but i have a four month old on formula and I am in search of a healthier alternative!

  2. Hi! I’m looking into giving my breast fed 12mo old goats milk and would like some more info on it. Now I am confused and maybe you can help me out. “Goats milk formula” is just raw goats milk? or is it raw milk mixed with something else? the intro said it takes you 1.5 hours to maki it? So what exactly are you doing to it? and you can freeze goats milk with no problems? and how long does it last out of the refrigerator? Thank you!

    • Hi Kandra! Goats milk can be a great option for a 12mo. The follow up to this post includes the recipe for this formula ( It is raw goat’s milk along with several other ingredients. Check it out and let me know what your questions are!! Thanks for your comment!


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