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Your Darkest Secrets…

Imagine sharing the deepest part of your soul – online. For all the world to see. And share. Imagine not being able to control people’s thoughts of what you share – whether they agreed or disagreed, understood or misunderstood, had pity or compassion.

Your Darkest Secrets....

Darkest Secrets and Stories Shared

For many of the authors in the Gatekeepers series, the story(ies) they share is a part of their testimony. As in, it has occurred in the past – God has brought them through, up and out of the pit.

Their reasons for sharing are varied. For some, they felt alone in their struggles and satan used that, fed that feeling and kept them struggling for far too long. Some share their stories for a living – speaking and traveling, writing and blogging. And some simply have a story to tell: a story of God’s redemption. And they cannot be silent. They must share what God has done for them!

But some other authors are still fighting. Sometimes the battle seems too great. Sometimes they write from raw and real, in-the-moment places. They are writing with tears and trembling, trusting that God truly is Who He says He is. Some have never shared their story but want to share encouragement with you – that even as they battle their sin (or the effects of the sins of others), they have found Christ to be true. And the power of the Cross to be greater than the power of the most consuming indwelling sins. So they share.

So while some are seasoned in sharing their stories, others are not. Regardless of the author, whether they are in the battle now or speaking from a place of victory, they covet your prayers.

Please Pray?

Already I have heard from so many of you that this series has opened up new conversations in your relationships, your youth groups, and your marriages. God is at work!!  But the battle is so intense. Will you please join us in prayer? Pray that as these individuals share their stories they would sense comfort and His hand. And that they would share the words that He has for them to speak, that they would fight the darkness and write the Light. And, really, anything else He lays on your heart and mind to pray. Feel free to share in the comments below that you are joining with us in prayer over the stories and truths these authors share. Feel free to share your story, encouragement or how the authors have impacted you so far. It is encouraging to encourage!

And, thank you!


  1. Praying for all those that have shared and especially for those still in bondage to things of this nature. May they find the freedom in Christ with the help of his people to bring light into the darkness they live in.

  2. Thanks for this, Jenn :’-)

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