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Breastfeeding Toddlers: When They Won’t Settle Down

Breastfeeding toddlers is a whole other ball game. Most likely the days of latch and supply issues, falling asleep during a feeding, and weight gain concerns are things of the past. Now, your only goal in life is to keep your nipple attached to your body! So how can an extended season of breastfeeding be enjoyable for mom, too?

Breastfeeding Toddlers: When They Won't Settle Down    #breastfeeding #toddlers


Curiosity kills the cat…or the nipples. As babies grow older, their desire for independence and their curiosity for the world around them grows, too. The smallest sound causes them to “pop off” and sometimes forget to open their mouths. Ouch!

So what’s a mom to do? Weaning is only one of your options! Join me over at Breastfeeding Place to find out how to continue breastfeeding toddler(s) without sacrificing your nipples! We’re talking about gentle parenting – firm, loving, gentle, and consistent.

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  1. Great article, wish I would have had this information back when I was breastfeeding. I’ll be sure to pass the information along!

  2. Yikes, my sweet little boy just turned 1 and whoa…..he nurses like he is dancing the jive. THanks for the article, and I am going to try putting him down until he is ready to be still, because this is not working out.

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