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7 Tips for Eating Healthy on a Tight Budget

It’s a common misconception that eating healthy means you have to have a huge grocery budget. Eating healthy on a tight budget is possible! It’s actually not that hard. Here are a few tricks and tips for eating healthy that I’ve learned along the way.

7 Tips for Eating Healthy on a Tight Budget #smoothie #budget #healthy

Tips for Eating Healthy

Have a budget. This helps you know when you can splurge on something and when you shouldn’t.

Meal plan. This has made a huge difference for us! Plan out every meal for the week; not just dinner, but breakfast, lunch and snacks too. This helps with the next tip:

Shop with a list. I end up spending more money and having food go bad when I deviate from my list. Because if it’s not on my list, I don’t need it! (Since I planned out all three meals and snacks for each day.)

Shop at a local produce store, co-op or farmer’s market. This will save you money, and I love supporting local businesses. If you’re in the Orlando area, I love Clemon’s Produce! It’s a little “hole in the wall” local family owned place that has absolutely unbeatable prices.

Buy in season. I have saved tons of money this way! When one of our staples is in season, I buy lots and freeze it. (We love green smoothies!) This is also where a local produce store is helpful – when fruit is just starting to go bad, or may already have some bad parts, it goes on a major sale! I’ve gotten whole flats (8lbs) of strawberries for $3, flats of grapes (18lbs) for $9, flats of blueberries (12lbs) for $6, a 35lb box of peaches for $10, and when their bananas start to get spots they sell them for 25 cents/lb. I take these great deals home, wash them, cut out any bad parts and freeze them! Yes, my freezer is about 85% frozen fruit. 🙂

Wash your fruits and vegetables before you put them away. Now, I have to say, this one has taken me a long time to actually do, because it does take extra time on the front end, but it saves me so much time preparing meals and my food stays fresh way longer! This has turned out to save me a lot of money! I was getting frustrated having to throw some greens and veggies away if we didn’t use them when I was planning on it. I soak everything in water, a little vinegar and doTERRA’s lemon essential oil. Then I swish things up, scrub them, rinse and dry. I get a little assembly line going and it makes the rest of my week so much easier and makes it so that I can shop for two weeks worth of food without it going bad!

Make green smoothies. This is not only budget friendly, but is also a fantastic way to eat healthy and save time! I highly recommend investing in a good blender: Blendtec or Vitamix. Blendtec is by far my personal favorite of the two {Editor’s Note – mine, too! Love my Blendtec!}, but either is great to have! It takes me about 10 minutes, start to finish, to make two quarts of green smoothies each morning. The recipe below only cost me $1.06 to make and I’m getting nine servings of fruits and vegetables! (This recipe is about $2.50 if you’re not bargain shopping, which is still super cheap!) And with the doTERRA Wild Orange in there, my smoothie is boosting my immune system, killing off any viruses and helping my body detox. All for just over a dollar! We typically have this as breakfast or will pair it with some mixed nuts or a baked sweet potato for lunch. Super easy, healthy and inexpensive.

7 Tips for Eating Healthy on a Tight Budget #smoothie #budget #healthyEating healthy on a budget is absolutely possible! There are, certainly, many more tips for eating healthy, but these are my top seven.


Uplifting Orange Julius Green Smoothie

  • 2 cups water
  • 2 cups spinach
  • 2 cups kale
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 cup frozen peaches (or mango)
  • 1 banana
  • 2 drops doTERRA Wild Orange essential oil

Pour water in first. Add remaining ingredients. Blend according to appliance’s recommendations… Enjoy!

Makes about 1 quart.

What do you do to save money and still eat healthy?

Joy is passionate about helping people heal their bodies naturally through the use of whole foods, plants and essential oils. She is newly married and new to the Orlando area. She is also a certified special education teacher and is in her third year of teaching. She loves helping others transition or maintain a healthy lifestyle by making things SIMPLE. You can follow her on Facebook or check out her website and blog at


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  2. Joy has taught us all about green smoothies and we LOVE them! They’re filling, delicious, inexpensive and out-of-this-world healthy.


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