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Sombrero Dip!

If you’re like me, you RSVP to a party (wait…you do RSVP, right? 😉 ) and then wonder what you might be able to eat while there. And, if you are gonna bring something – what do you bring that’s a crowd-pleaser that doesn’t seem to shout “I’M HEALTHY!?” Enter The Sombrero Dip!

Sombrero Dip! #dip #mexican #party

This recipe actually came from a cookbook in my sweet mother-in-law’s cupboard – the original microwave cookbook! Apparently when microwaves first came out, they came with cookbooks…and I was fascinated! I didn’t know such cookbooks existed! I didn’t know that microwaving food was such an art! Did you??

Anyways, so this dip (originally supposed to be prepared in the microwave) is a Fountain Holiday Staple. And for good reason – it’s good. So I’ve made some adjustments and can’t wait to make it for Christmas Day – one of our many delish appies!

Sombrero Dip

Sombrero Dip! #dip #mexican #partyPreheat oven to 350. Saute beef and onion in a large skillet. Add ketchup, chili powder, garlic salt, cumin, oregano, hot pepper sauce and blend well. Put kidney beans in a food processor (or Blendtec – I loooove mine!). Stir beans into the beef mixture (at this point you can check the dip to see if the flavor-heat is to your liking – if not, sprinkle more cayenne!). Bake for 10-15 minutes.

Sprinkle with cheese and green pepper slices. Serve with organic tortilla chips. And napkins. And be sure to get a few bites before you serve it – else you may miss out!

Makes about 5 cups.

What favorite appetizers do you make? Do you have a good Sombrero Dip recipe?

photo credit: waitscm via photopin cc


  1. Cindy Tingley says

    Do you mean to stir meat, etc. to literally use a blender?

  2. Yum minus the cheese. 😉

  3. Thank you, thank you for printing this recipe! I have been looking for it for years. I had the ’80’2 Sanyo microwave that this recipe came with. Lost the book a long time ago and thought I’d never find it again. My husband will be extremely happy! ;o)

  4. I also have a request of you if you have the time and opportunity to do so, I would be much appreciative-that book has a recipe for scalloped potatoes, very easy and very good! If you could print that for me I’d be in your debt. Thank you!! Janet

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