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7 Ways to Encourage a Weary Mom

7 Ways to Encourage a Weary Mom  #mom #encourage #scripture #freebies #printablesHave you had those moments when you wonder how you’ll make it through another year? Me, too! With the start of a new year before us, I am tempted to discouragement with thoughts of an endless sea of tantrums, dishes, messes, diapers, whining, and training. From one weary mom to another…I am exhausted before we even begin!! (And I don’t think it’s just because I’m a mom of triplets – I’m guessing all moms face these feelings at some time or another!)

But that’s where the Holy Spirit is so faithful to remind me of His endless sea of mercy, grace, love, forbearance, patience, and kindness! And all of those character traits (along with His help!) are available to me on a daily basis. And you!

Every day of this next year we can take hold of new mercies and apply them in our own hearts and minds…and then pour them out on others. I’m sure our littles are so grateful when we choose this path over the path of despair, discouragement, and disillusionment.

The Tough Part for the Weary Mom

While we all would love to be living with uninterrupted joy, the reality is that we live in a fallen world. We are hit from many sides by temptations and easily forget and become discouraged.

I think there are often two hindrances to getting from Point A (being discouraged) to Point B (being encouraged).

1. Remembering He is for us. Just this morning I was reading in my devotions (yeah, I think I got about 20 minutes – part of me wants to jump for joy, the other part wishes I hadn’t been interrupted!) that He is for us. This is so helpful because this means it’s clear He’s not against us. He wants to see us grow in Christlike-ness. And He knows that we are unable to do this on our own. So. He helps us. Those endless seas of mercy and grace are part of the inheritance we get as a Son or Daughter. Awesome, right??

So then, why do we so often live as if there’s no way we could possibly handle one more sleepless night with a teething baby? Or why do we inwardly seethe with frustration (and regret?) over yet another sink-ful of dishes in yoga pants and a stained tee?

Because we forget. We forget how awesome it is to live under the deluge of His help.

2. Making use of His truths. Once we remember those truths (re-read the first point if ya already forgot 😉 ), what do we do with them? Well, if you’re like me, it’s wonderful to remember…until some Little bites another Little and you’re off to deal with two angry Littles. And, of course, this is where applying what we just remembered comes in handy.

But it’s oh-so-hard-to-remember! Isn’t it?

A Solution for the Weary Mom

So one way to smooth out that wrinkly track from Point A to Point B is by committing some of these truths to memory and posting them where you can be reminded of them throughout the day.

And this is exactly the purpose of my 7- Days of Scripture Memory Cards! Print them off and read a different one each day – starting over each new week. Or post them around the house, slip them into your wallet…there’s even a special one to gift to a friend!

Let’s make this next year one where we both remember and make use of His glorious truths. You with me??

Download the Scripture Memory Cards.

All Scripture references are from this ESV Bible.

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