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Kitchen Tools and Gadgets

I’ve always been on a budget. I grew up learning how to manage my money well, and I’m so grateful! But, now that I’m married with a kitchen of my own, I find I am very much tempted to run get every kitchen tool and gadget I fall in love with.

Alas. It just isn’t in the budget! Sigh.

Kitchen Tools and Gadgets #kitchen

So here is my Wish List for my kitchen right now. Some of these items I just need more of. But others I have been drooling over. I’ve got a few plans for setting money aside and saving for some of these kitchen tools….after I spend some Christmas money, that is. 😉

11 Ways to Spend Christmas Money in the Kitchen


  • I am in love with these 1/2 gallon mason jars. I pick-up our raw milk every two weeks or so and immediately pour everything into these jars and freeze. But I also love them for storing nuts and beans in. Oh, and freezing spaghetti sauce and chicken stock. Gah…I need more. I don’t think I would have too many if I owned 18 of these babies.
  • Kitchen Tools and Gadgets #kitchenI love my 2-quart measuring bowl. I use it for everything!! Sadly, it broke a few weeks ago and I miss it – gonna have to replace it ASAP!
  • Growing up we had this cheese grater but for some reason I didn’t register for one when we got married (I registered for everything else, it seems!). I am thinking this would also come in handy for grating the bars of soap for my homemade hand soap – anyone used this kind of cheese grater to do this job?
Kitchen Tools and Gadgets #kitchen

photo credit: Daniel E Lee via photopin cc

  • Did I mention I love mason jars?? My plan is to begin slowly stocking up on these cutsie 4 oz jars for things like spices and saving those bits of leftovers. These will also come in handy for some DIY gifts I have on the agenda.

Kitchen Tools and Gadgets #kitchen

  • I love dehydrating and this baby is on my, “Oooooh!” list. Actually, I feel like this would be a rather good use of money considering the time and money I will save using it vs. the oven or store-bought products. Do you have a good dehydrator?
Kitchen Tools and Gadgets #kitchen

Notice the “bite” marks…

Kitchen Tools and Gadgets #kitchen

Pretty jars…so pretty!

  • I absolutely love these quart-sized jars for individual salad jars for lunch, or double servings of soup. I also freeze smaller quantities of stock in them. Oh, and they double as great country-chic shower decor. 😉
  • I have been eyeing this new beauty for a while. A long while. It’s sooo much bigger and safer than what I have now and I can’t wait to add this piece to my cabinet. So shiny!

CanningKitchen Tools and Gadgets #kitchen

  • I hope to put away some serious amounts of food this year to cut down on store-bought things like salsa, stewed tomatoes, etc. I know this gadget is not a necessity but it sure looks fun! I wonder if I could convince the hubby to help me with this process if I gave him this jar lifter?
  • That moment when you realized you’re using a funnel that’s too small. (Ask me how I know. 😉 ) I think this wide-mouth funnel will take care of this problem!

Just for fun:

  • The hubby and I have a slight addiction to ice cream. But, man, the store-bought stuff is filled with such junk! So we usually just don’t get ice cream. Boo. …But, wait! With my KitchenAid Mixer, I can use the ice cream attachment and make all the amazing, homemade ice cream recipes in this ebook! Score one for the wife! 😉 The mixer quickly paid for itself – hubby didn’t think I’d use it all that much…ha!

There ya have it! What kitchen tools and gadgets are on your list?


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