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26 Resources for Better Physical Intimacy

Physical intimacy. Was there ever a topic that created more curiosity, frustration, pleasure, and joy? These days there is so much information available on how to have better physical intimacy, though some of it causes pain and provides opportunities for sinful temptations.

26 Resources for Better Physical Intimacy #marriage #romance #intimacy
The fact of the matter is, we will all be curious or have questions at some point in our lives, right? Our bodies change. We get older. We gain weight. We lose weight. We have a baby (or multiple babies at once!). We have busy seasons. And we have sad seasons. Over the course of our lives, physical intimacy can change quite drastically.

Physical intimacy is one of the most basic, God-given, beautiful, simple (and yet complex) aspects of our married lives. It is an area (like most!) where we desperately need wisdom, guidance, and patience. We also need creativity, flexibility (no pun intended 😉 ), and a desire to bless. When one or more of these elements begin lagging, we often notice challenges within the realm of physical intimacy. Right?

Think about it…when was the last time that things went well for you when you were impatient, selfish, etc.? Probably not a memory that you enjoy. But consider a time when you were motivated out of a desire to bless your hubby, were creative, and patient. Probably a memory you do enjoy.

Sometimes we just get stuck in a rut of not knowing what needs “help,” though. In those times, what a blessing to have some resources handy for whatever season in which you find yourself! Below are 26 different resources (DIY, posts, series, books) intended to help you have better physical intimacy – something God wants for you, as well!

26 Resources for Better Physical Intimacy

Loving Our Husbands

26 Resources for Better Physical Intimacy #marriage #romance #intimacy

Sexual Health

Intimacy Enhancers

26 Resources for Better Physical Intimacy #marriage #romance #intimacy

Relationship Building

Romancing Your Hubby

Books to Strengthen Your Marriage and Develop Better Physical Intimacy

What resources have helped you and your spouse to have better physical intimacy?


  1. Thank you so much for including my post in your roundup. Great post.

  2. This is great! Is important for the whole family sake that parents enjoy each other. Thank you for sharing!


  3. Just what I need right now! My husband and I have been talking about this but are both clueless as to what to do. Thank you for post these resources, I will be taking lots if time to go through them.


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