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5 Simple Valentine’s Gifts for the Mom with Young Kids

I have limited funds these days, so big and awesome gifts aren’t realistic right now. The hubby and I found out we were expecting triplets 13 months into marriage. We celebrated one “normal” Valentine’s Day…and the rest have been filled with newborns, and newborns-turned-toddlers. This year, I’m looking forward to surprising the hubby (who hopefully won’t see this 😉 ) with some simple Valentine’s gifts that communicate how much we all love and appreciate him…without breaking our piggy bank.

5 Simple Valentine's Gifts for the Mom with Young Kids #Valentines #giveaway #mom

5 Simple Valentine’s Gifts for the Mom with Young Kids

1. Start the day with little “I’m thinking of you’s.”

Bring him his coffee, made the way he likes it. Iron his shirt for him. Make him a fancy omelette (or whatever would be considered a thoughtful breakfast 😉 ). Pack him a lunch with a love note inside. You get the idea – get his day off to a good start.

2. Get the kids involved.

Depending on the age of your kids, you can involve them, however simply, in the preparation for the day. Get dressed up, light candles, make a fun dinner. It can mean a lot for the hubby to walk in to see children jumping up and down – excited to see Dad and “surprise” him with whatever you have planned.

3. Write cards.

Or make them! While guys are sometimes not as “into” the card thing as we are, it can still be a blessing. I find the notes and cards I write to my hubby end up doing more for my heart as I contemplate on how thankful I am for this wonderful husband. That alone, I think, turns into a huge blessing for the hubby. And don’t forget to get the kids involved with this one, too! You can download a bunch of freebies from Pinterest!

4. Create an evening of fun.

If you’re in a similar season to me, wining and dining on the town isn’t gonna happen. But I can make a yummy dinner and probably a dessert (I’ve gotta make this one!)…and I’m thinking I can swing a movie on Netflix, or time playing a board game he likes.

5. Back massage.

This one probably is the hardest one for me, actually. I would much rather be the recipient – not gonna lie. But, again, I think that makes it all the more a blessing to my hubby. Check out this awesome DIY massage oil made with all natural ingredients!

Bonus tip: Any way you can make the focus on your spouse, great! Maybe your hubby hasn’t made it to the gym because life’s been so busy – hand him his gym bag when he walks in the door from work! Or maybe you are able to actually plan a night out – go for it! Get a sitter, make some pbj’s for the kids and head out for a night on the town with your love.

The point is that we can focus on our spouses, regardless of the amount of resources we have and the quantity of time we have. This is often where it is “the thought that counts.” The day may not be full of fancy heels and sparkly glasses of champagne. But God is honored by our attempts and our spouses are, too!

So, tell me in the comments what simple valentine’s gifts you’re giving this year! I can’t wait to hear!

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  1. My favorite thing about my hubby/valentine is his smile and laugh. Anyone who knows him won’t be surprised at that!

  2. My favorite thing about my hubby is his ability to always make me smile!

  3. My favorite thing about my valentine is sweet he is

  4. Marisa Hall says

    I’m giving my hubby, my sons, and myself custom printed t-shirts with our home school “logo” on the front, which I designed myself. Sort of like public school spirit wear, but for our home school. Super excited to see what my boys think of them!

  5. Buying chocolate on the 15th when its half off. I’ll be 34 weeks pregnant for Valentine’s this year, so it will be even better 🙂

  6. Before the twins were born, we had a fine dining experience here at home with the china and crystal. The kids have always enjoyed it. I’m not sure I’m brave enough this year. We also enjoying making Valentine’s together.

  7. My favorite thing is his sense of humor. He always makes me laugh.

  8. I love how much he loves me back and always makes me laugh and feel so happy

  9. T.J. Wallace says

    I love that he has a positive outlook about life!

  10. Melinda Stephens says

    I love how kind he is.

  11. exciting and dependable.

  12. God created him specifically for me, just me. 🙂

  13. my husband makes me dessert!

  14. snuggles and how big he does holidays

  15. I love how much he cares about others. 🙂

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