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How to Treat Kidney Infections Naturally

You know that unmistakable burning sensation when you have to pee? Yep, the one that signals a horrid UTI! One day, I noticed this pain and realized what I was up against. :sigh: But, it was worse! I was about to learn how to treat kidney infections naturally!

Yippee. Just what I’ve always wanted! (<—- sarcasm)

How to Treat Kidney Infections Naturally #homeremedies #DIY

What is a Kidney Infection?

A kidney infection is, usually, first a urinary tract infection (UTI) and then develops into the kidney infection. It’s a UTI that’s gone untreated and the bacteria travels into the kidneys.

Usually, a kidney infections requires antibiotics. Sometimes they can be treated, with caution, with home remedies.

Getting Diagnosed

Within 24 hours my UTI quickly turned into a kidney infection! I couldn’t get out of bed because the back pain was so bad. David was bringing babies to me to nurse. It was awful.

At that point I took a low dose of Ibuprofen to hopefully try to function and called a walk-in clinic to try to get a culture done. I began researching kidney infections and how to treat them naturally. There wasn’t a whole lot of info out there.

I started asking for help in an online community, as well as checking with my lactation consultant to see how this (and potential prescription medications) could affect my supply and/or the babies.

By the time I reached the clinic (I drove myself and prayed I would make it!), it had been over 24 hours since the initial pain had begun. Kidney infection was a real concern at this point, as was a hospital stay. Yikes!

I waited nervously in the freezing cold waiting room. 

They took a culture and did an exam, listening to all of my symptoms. The doctor concluded it was a kidney infection. Great.

He wrote me a prescription…but my online community of natural, home-remedy-using mamas had other suggestions. It was risky, but I felt it was worth a shot.

After praying and talking it through with my hubby, we decided I would take it a few hours at a time and try to kick it Rx-less! If symptoms worsened, I would begin taking the prescription.

How to Treat Kidney Infections Naturally #homeremedies #DIY

But…I did it! Here’s how:

Supplements to Treat Kidney Infections Naturally

(Please note: I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose or make recommendations for your health or illness. Please be sure to consult with a trusted medical professional before beginning any type of treatment.)

I took the following supplements over the course of a week’s time:

All of the above should also be available at your local health food store, too, in a pinch.

Regimen to Treat Kidney Infections Naturally

Every two hours I took:

  • 1/2 teaspoon of D-mannose in water
  • a couple of crushed up cloves of garlic
  • a couple tablespoons of ACV


I also took 1,000 mg of Vitamin C every hour until stools were loose. Then I reduced the total amount taken so far by one dose, and that was my daily dose.

Finally, I took a dose of acidophilus a couple times a day, as well as other forms of fermented foods (with naturally occurring probiotics).

Within 18 hours, I was nearly 100% well!

I continued this regimen for the next several days, eventually (around Day 4) reducing the D-mannose to once a day. The garlic, ACV, probiotics, and Vitamin C all were reduced to once or twice a day – or whenever I thought about it. 🙂 After seven days, I had a follow-up appointment and got the “all-clear.” I discontinued the D-mannose, etc.

Why This Worked to Treat Kidney Infections Naturally

The D-mannose is a simple sugar that basically grabs the infection and makes it so it can’t stick to the kidney, bladder, and urinary tract! (For a more scientific and detailed description, you can read this.) It’s the stuff that’s in cranberries and pineapple (hence the cranberry pills you probably took on your honeymoon). But the dosage is much less than the concentrated, powder stuff…and you want to really, really coat those walls to get rid of the infection. High doses are safe and easy on the system.

The Vitamin C is a boost to your immune system, which is sorely needed when your body is fighting off an infection.

How to Treat Kidney Infections Naturally #homeremedies #DIY

The garlic can be eaten to fight the infection from the inside – kinda meeting the D-mannose halfway, if you will. To see many ways garlic is beneficial in fighting an infection, read here.

Probiotics (both those naturally occurring in food and those in pill form) aid in keeping your digestive tract well-balanced with the good bacteria. Also, if you do end up needing antibiotics, the probiotics will continue replacing your GI system with what the antibiotics kill off (since they kill both the bad and the good bacteria).

Apple Cider Vinegar will essentially come behind the D-mannose and continue “sweeping” out the bad bacteria.

There you have it! All natural and easy…although, I will say it cost me far more than the prescription did! The things we crunchy peeps will do, right? 😉

Have you tried to treat kidney infections naturally?

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  1. For the love if GOD thank you for giving me REAL directions on how to help myself. I’m resistant to most antibiotics. Did the garlic make your stomach a lil queezy?

    • I find it hard to believe u took 2 cloves of raw garlic every 2 hours for 4 days. Did u take it all night? It truly stinks.

  2. THANK YOU!! I’ve been battling this for so long an antibiotics I feel just make it harder to fight. Knowing you found success with a natural method gives me hope.

  3. Jolean McPherson says

    I’m super crunchy nowadays, too.. using your advice to knock this infection out cold!

  4. I am one of the not so luckiest man who suffer from UTI. Went to ER 3 times and the urine sample show nothing at all, yet the burning and urging to pee every night was killing me. The doctor prescribed antibiotics took them for 10 days and was feeling good. But as soon as the med was done all the symptoms came back.
    I decided to take matters in my hand.
    My solution was quite different from this one but it also worked. My hope is that it might help someone out there who is having the same problem.
    – 3 gloves a garlic plus 4 branch of parsley put everything in a mixer and blend it.
    Take this 3 times a day at the same time.
    – Apple cider vinegar one teaspoon in a cup of water(you can add Honey if you want) take this twice a day.
    – Probiotic (I was using Ultimate Flora 15 Billion from CVS .one cap a day)
    After 3 days you will be good. Continue for a total of 5 days to completely get rid of the bacteria.
    Hope it helps.

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