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Natural Pregnancy – Creating the Safest Place for Your Little One

It’s kinda interesting – I talk with women who research pregnancy and what to do and what not to do until they’re exhausted from all the info. And then I talk to women who don’t do a bit of research, or ask questions. They just “keep on, keepin’ on.” There can, obviously, be pros and cons to both ends of this spectrum.

Natural Pregnancy - Create the Safest Place for Your Little One by #pregnancy #multiples

I’ll admit: I fall into the first category. And not just because I had triplets! I wanted to know what was safe, what wasn’t and how to grow a healthy baby (or, in my case, three). But there was soooo much information floating around out there…and some of it just wasn’t reliable information at all. (Hence, why I’m writing an ebook on breastfeeding multiples – there just isn’t a ton of information available!) You may have questions similar to these that I was asking:

  • What is a natural pregnancy?
  • How do I know what type of birth I would like to have?
  • Which foods are best for my baby?
  • What is/isn’t safe during pregnancy?

So I’m beginning a series on how to care for you and Baby – naturally! We (a couple guest authors and I) will be covering topics like:

  • What I wish I would have known the first time
  • What does a real food, whole food diet look like
  • How chiropractic care can affect the pregnancy
  • Preparing for a natural birth
  • When something goes wrong during a natural birth
  • Water birth: how to plan, what to expect
  • When breastfeeding doesn’t come easily

Pregnancy can be an incredibly emotionally charged season. Finding out you’re carrying a new little person is just simply amazing! And while all moms want to do what is best for their growing baby, confusion can still run rampant. Highs can be really high, lows really low. Let’s make this as easy as possible (because, let’s face it, you have a lot on your plate!!). Whether this is your first or 13th child, we want to share our research, experience and “lessons learned” and help you create the healthiest place for your baby to grow in over the next nine months!

What questions do you have from the get-go on how to have a natural pregnancy? Share them below or contact me here!

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