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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Any Mom!

Ahhhh, Mother’s Day. The one day a year you most likely won’t have to cook (much), clean (much), change diapers (much), or break up arguments (much). Hurray! But, what about celebrating your own mother and all the other mothers in your life? Wouldn’t it be nice to have all your gift-getting done ASAP with meaningful gifts you know they’ll appreciate? With this Mother’s Day Gift Guide, the hardest part is going to be to pick which items to get for which mama or friend! …or for yourself. 😉

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Any Mom!  #mothersday #giftguide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

The SelfieFinal 3D Book Cover Image (2)-1

For the woman who wants to revolutionize her entire life:

Gift her a 2-month online membership and these books, here.

The Crafty Mom

For the mama who just can’t stop creating:

  • Gift card to Marie Madeline Studios where she can pick out fabric galore!
  • Sewing School 101: Simple Tips to Get You Stitching

Gift her $15 in fabric and this how-to book, here.

The Cook10168255_10152361280260856_2114588037_n

For the friend who lives to create edible masterpieces…or who is just getting by, these gifts will knock her socks off!

  • Once-A-Month Meals membership
  • {Healthy} Make-Ahead Meals & Snacks
  • The Healthy Lunch Box: Sandwich-Free Secrets to Packing a Real Food Lunch

Gift her all of these, and more!, from here.

The Hippie Mom

You know that crunchy friend who throws around words like “lard” and “essential oils” and “extended breastfeeding?” She’ll get a kick out of these gifts:

  • Gift card to Trilight Health
  • Simple Natural Health: Wellness Made Easy
  • Lavender essential oil, Tea Tree essential oil, etc. (<—- these are some of my favorite oils!)

Gift that sweet hippie her new fave gifts, here and here.

The Novella600.jsp

For the mom who hides in the bathroom with a book instead of chocolate:

You’ll never see her again (she’ll be so busy reading!), but she’ll definitely be so grateful! Gift her these from here and here.

The Clean Sweep-er

This mom will probably kiss your face when she gets these from you on Mother’s Day. They’ll save her budget, help her knock things off her list, and she can kick back and relax with all the time she’ll save:

Become her favorite person, here.

The “Grand”MotherJMicecreamCOVER(2ndED)SMALL

Your mom is always looking for things to do with the kids that they’ll enjoy! Why not give her the gift of time with them and some things to do – a gift that keeps on giving!

  • 76 Free Things to Do with Kids: A Real Mom’s Guide
  • Just Making Ice Cream: Over 70 Delicious Recipes Made with Nourishing Ingredients – 2nd edition
  • Ice cream maker (like this one)

Hit a home-run with these gifts here and here.

The Newbie

For the brand new mama who needs some encouragement and help:

Bring her a meal and help her organize her new life as a mom with these gifts found here.

The Mom with LittlesThe_Preschool_Journey_Book_Cover-3D-720x1024

I mean, really little-littles. The mom with toddlers is always on the lookout for things to do with her little ones. Why not offer her a break in dreaming up ideas – the work’s already been done for her!

Get her through those crazy, rainy-day afternoons with gifts from here and here.

The Author

Get the writer in your life taken care of with the tools of her trade:

  • 10 free greeting cards from Dayspring
  • Hi-liters for all those edits (I love these)
  • Blog at Home Mom: Balancing Blogging and Motherhood
  • The Blog Planning Kit: A System to Maximize Your Blogging Efforts

She may be at a loss for words – a first for her! – with these gifts. Find them here and here.

Fitting Gift-giving into the Budget

Of course, getting gifts can be super tough when the budget is already tight. But this is why the Ultimate Bundles team created this option – so you can get it now and pay for it in May!

They heard from many who want to buy the bundle, but simply don’t have it in the budget until May 1st. Since the sale ends for good today, Monday, April 28th @ 11:59 PM, they came up with a way for you to have your cake and eat it, too. From now until the sale ends, you can choose to order the bundle but defer payment until May 1st.

By completing this payment form, you are purchasing the bundle today, but your card will be charged on May 1st, 2014 in the full amount of $39.97 (Kindle version) or $29.97 (PDF version). Once it has been processed, you will receive access to your bundle.

You’ll also be able to order the 2-for-1 deal this way, too.

So, happy gift-giving – the possibilities are endless with this bundle!

Whatcha waiting for? Get a bundle for you (free!) when you buy two others to give as complete gifts or to divy up between friends and mamas! This is a win-win-win and all for $29.97!

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