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Can I Breastfeed Triplets? One Mama’s Journey

Is it possible to breastfeed triplets? Many told me no. They acted uncomfortable and I knew they pictured me with babies hanging off of me, nursing all the time. And it was kinda like that, but…well, let’s go back to the beginning. Here’s a peek at my story I shared over at The Paleo Mama.

Can I Breastfeed Triplets? This Mama’s Journey

“Well, the good news is – it’s triplets!”

Not the sentence I was expecting to hear from a doctor I’d never seen before.

Can I Breastfeed Triplets? One Mama's Journey #breastfeeding #triplets

The day I learned my husband and I were expecting spontaneous triplets was one of the most memorable days of my life. I had a deep desire to birth any babies we were blessed with – naturally. I had a midwife, we were planning a home birth. I wanted to breastfeed. 

But…three babies??

Click to read the rest of the story over at The Paleo Mama.Breastfeeding Triplets: One Mama's Journey #breastfeeding #triplets

It’s funny how God asks us to do things we are pretty sure we cannot do…and then He helps us do them! 🙂

Do you know anyone hoping to breastfeed triplets? Please share this with them so they can be encouraged!


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