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We’re Moving!

It’s true! I can hardly believe it, but it’s true. In a few short weeks we’ll be saying goodbye to Orlando, Florida and heading to Nashville, Tennessee!

We both love the area (it’s actually Franklin, and David has lived there before). And, possibly best of all, the group of churches we’re a part of (Sovereign Grace Ministries) is planting a church smack in the heart of Franklin – Redeeming Grace Church!

We're Moving! - Toddler Triplets and All! #moving #triplets #toddler

Though I’ve traveled to four other countries more than half a dozen times, I’ve lived fairly close to home. I was actually born and raised 15 minutes from where we currently live. In fact, my parents just sold the house I spent twenty years growing up in! So this is hard. Really, really hard.

  • My children were born in the hospital in which I was born.
  • Our home is where David and I first brought our babies from the hospital (Noah on Friday, Makenna and Emma three days later).
  • We go to the same grocery stores, malls and parks I grew up going to with my parents.
  • My parents and four siblings live here.
  • The church I’ve been a part of for 17 years is here.

So, this is hard. But we’ve been praying about this time for a while. We figured God was up to something but we just couldn’t see what – and now that we can, there are mixed emotions. We’re grateful for clear direction, even while we feel the ache of roots ripping from our hearts.

I can’t imagine life without these landmarks, people, memories. I am a creature who hates change. Or, at least, I don’t eagerly embrace it. Sometimes I even throw tantrums. And there are definitely tears.

But, strangely for me, there is also excitement. I’m looking forward to this adventure with my family. I can’t wait to meet our new church family and live life with them. I am excited to make new memories with my little-big family – memories where the seasons actually change! And I love that David is excited, as well. I am grateful for a husband who takes leading his family away from “familiar” very seriously and prayerfully, and not cavalierly.

So if this site is a tad quiet over the next couple weeks, you’ll know why. Right? 🙂 I would love for all my friends and family to stay in touch (you can subscribe by email and social media platforms Google+, Pinterest and Facebook – super easy!). I have no idea how to pack boxes and find a house there and get this one ready here…with three toddlers vying for my attention. But as my mom reminded me, I didn’t believe I could “do” triplets and now I can’t imagine life any differently.

This Pinterest board is also helping a teeny bit. 🙂

I’m anticipating exhaustion and dying sharpie markers and half-eaten pizzas and a huge pile of things to donate and fights and paint-rollers drying out and losing children amidst boxes and tears smudging my two-day-old make-up.

But I’m also anticipating joy in following His will and learning to love a new city and meeting new neighbors and making a new home home and growing with my hubby through yet another life-change and creating memories with the children I find amidst the boxes and discovering new capacities for change.

So, pray for us? Follow us? Don’t forget about us? Cause I’ll be right back! …and Orlando, I’ll definitely be back for visits, ok?

Got any moving advice for me?


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