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20 Tips for Pumping Breast Milk

“Mama, meet The Pump. Pump, meet Mama. Now, you two play nicely and have fun.” Does it feel as if you’ve been handed a strange contraption and now must figure out how to get those breasts to put their milk in those bottles? Well, hang tight because I’ve got ya covered with some essential tips for pumping breast milk. Whether you’re a mama for the second, third, fourth (or more) time around and just need some reminders or you’re a brand new, first-time mama, with these tips you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Pump Pro. (There really should be such a title. Pumping is hard, but rewarding, work, y’all!)

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20 Tips for Pumping Breast Milk

As a brand new mother of triplets, I knew the pump would become my good friend. I ended up pumping for almost 9 months, long after my three were breastfeeding fully and sleeping 8 hour stretches at night! (I used this one from the hospital and the Pump In Style when I wasn’t pumping so hard core anymore.)

So I am familiar with the challenges of pumping: the tears over spilled milk, being hooked up to a pump, etc. Pumping is not easy and is, I think, sometimes a greater sacrifice than breastfeeding as it requires so much from mama.

If you’re a pumping mama, whether by choice or by circumstance, hopefully these tips for pumping breast milk for your little one(s) will help you get off to a great start!

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