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How Long Does Frozen Breast Milk Last?

So you’ve figured out how the pump works (a feat worthy of a celebration!) and now your breast milk is piling up. Yay! But, quick, freeze it so it doesn’t go bad! Ok, so now the freezer is filling up…how long will all this frozen breast milk last? 

How Long Will Frozen Breast Milk Last? #breastmilk #breastfeeding

Frozen Breast Milk – How Long Will it Last?

You ask a very good question, my friend! It would be such a shame for that liquid gold to go bad, so I’ve put together some information to help you figure out a good system for using up the oldest milk first and determining how long your little one’s frozen breast milk will last.

Once I finished pumping (I rented this one from the hospital for many months!), I ended up with enough frozen breast milk to put in my toddlers’ sippy cups till they were 15 months old! And I always ensure I have frozen breast milk in small quantities for after they wean and when they get sick – this stuff is nothing short of miraculous! But…when will it go bad?

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