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How to Start a Co-op – and Why You Want To

Alright, confession time! I get a little giddy when I save money – I love a good deal, same as the next girl. Let’s face it – we women often get a sense of accomplishment from saving money, right? Well, did you know you can get amazing deals when you start a co-op?

How to Start a Co-op...and why you want to! Step-by-step instructions, pros and cons - at #coop #realfood #naturalliving #organize

It’s true! Today I’m sharing at on how you can start a co-op. I have gotten all sorts of things from co-ops (both from those I’ve run and joined): beef, poultry, pork, eggs, milk, cheese, produce, beef jerky, etc. I find it’s well worth the time investment to source quality whole foods at lesser prices.

Here’s a few of the steps I am sharing…

How to Start a Co-op

  1. Find a need.
  2. Find a source.
  3. Find the community.
  4. Figure out the details.

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What about you? Do you want to start a co-op for something in particular? Share in the comments below!

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