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Are Baby Sleepers Safe? A Skeptic’s Review

You’re pregnant and someone just told you about this awesome sleeper you just *have* to have for your little one. And then you see an article on Facebook that says they’ve been recalled. What’s the deal?? Are baby sleepers safe or not?! Do they work?

Well, that depends. (Did you used to roll your eyes when your mother said that to you? Me, too. 🙂 )

Are Baby Sleepers Safe? A Skeptic's Review - GrowingUpTriplets #recall #daydreamer #bouncyseat

The DayDreamer Sleeper is actually not associated with other sleepers that have been recalled. In fact, it addresses all of those issues (and more!).

DayDreamer asked me if I’d like to review their sleeper. I wanted to. Oh, I wanted to. But my babies weren’t babies anymore. They’re big, sweaty toddlers now. So I asked a friend who had just had her third baby if she’d be interested in trying it out. This seasoned mama said, “Absolutely!” Here is her Skeptic -The-Husband’s review.

Are Baby Sleepers Safe? Do They Work?

Situation: one month old, happy infant

First impressions: neutral, doubtful

  • Cons: It didn’t rock, make noises, hold toys, or vibrate. I highly doubted our daughter would spend a full 5 minutes in it without fussing.
  • Pros: It was soft, easy to use, buckled nicely without the loud snap (helpful when laying the infant down while sleeping). The easily removable (zipper) machine washable cover was a nice plus.
  • First uses: She lay down and continued to happily sit there. The reclined position kept her at an angle to where she could still see what was going on in the room and still not have to support herself. She happily stayed in the dreamer for 30+ minutes.
  • After one month: We have more ability to attend other children and household tasks with a happy baby giggling, watching, or sleeping in her Day Dreamer. Now our pile of swings, recliners, rockers, bouncers, etc lay unused…Are Baby Sleepers Safe? A Skeptic's Review - GrowingUpTriplets #recall #daydreamer #bouncyseat

The Story

So my wife brings home another baby device that is supposed to save our sanity and let us have a few moments of peace while our one month old infant happily ‘day dreams’ in her little seat.

In case you can’t tell, that was sarcasm and I was a little skeptical. In my defense, I had every reason to be. Our third baby was the happiest baby, but she was the third. So we could no longer go man-to-man-defense and had to switch to zone defense. This means someone will have to be happy without mommy or daddy’s attention for a few moments while the most recent crisis is DE-escalated from Def Con 17.

Little Miss #3 didn’t like being in a chair for more than a few minutes (I hope this isn’t a sign of what’s to come). We tried everything: rockers, bouncers, noisy seats, vibrating seats, recliners, swings, etc. Which by the way, take up a ton of space! They were starting to encroach upon my man cave (that one spot on the sofa that is “dad’s”). Number 3 had to be held or have someone’s attention or she would fuss (not cry, scream or get mad, just fuss loudly) which would upset our incredibly sensitive and compassionate Little Miss #2. Which then made keeping up with the house and life in general a challenge.

So back to this seat that my wife brings home. One look at it and I’m not super impressed.

“Where do the batteries go? I don’t see the noise maker, or vibrator. Why doesn’t it rock? It just…sits there.”

I unzip the package and look for the toy hanging bar – which isn’t there. I’m seriously doubting this magical seat is going to do the trick. My wife points out a few pluses:

  • the soft cover unzips easily for machine washing
  • the straps are covered in soft material
  • no super loud “CLICK” when you buckle her in. (Seriously, noisy buckles are the bane of naptimes around the world).

Are Baby Sleepers Safe? A Skeptic's Review - GrowingUpTriplets #recall #daydreamer #bouncyseat

I smiled, laid Little Miss #3 into the Day Dreamer and said, “Enjoy these few minutes of quiet.” I walked away confident she would be fussing in less than five minutes, as usual. Thirty minutes later not only was #3 not fussing, she was napping!

Needless to say, I was elated that world peace was now possible … er, I mean, that household normalcy was now possible. My wife’s sanity was saved, I didn’t have to go into work to get sleep, and Little Miss #1 & #2 were able to play with their sister without fear of them trying to pick her up (buckles, I tell you, they are amazing things – especially when they are quiet).

Within days, #3 was spending up to an hour at a time in the Day Dreamer during nap times. A couple months later and she still happily rests or watches us in her seat. It wasn’t long before we tested the zip off and machine wash aspects of the Day Dreamer (happy babies get even happier after they have decimated their diapers into atomic particles) and that was really easy. Even the straps and strap covers were easy to remove and wash.

But It Would Be Nice If…

A couple things would be nice: as the infant gets older she does enjoy being able to interact with things. A removable toy bar, or at least a bar to hang some of her favorite toys on, would be an excellent addition. Also, it would be nice if the head of the seat had a flat part on which to set the seat when not in use. Like all other seats, they do take up floor space and I have tripped over it in the dark a couple of times.

My Final Thoughts?

I never would have thought this unmoving, silent, and mystically slanted seat would do the trick. It is visually appealing (no gangly shaped parts), sturdy, and easy to clean up. The buckles have successfully stumped #1 and #2, so no worries there. I would recommend this to anyone who hasn’t found ‘the one’ and is stumbling through a pile of seats to get to their couches.

Are baby sleepers safe? What do you think about this one for your little one?


  1. jennheuslein says

    I felt like I just had a conversation with you! Maybe we will look into one for #4, but to keep with tradition, you guys go first, hee hee 🙂

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