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Got Picky Eaters? Turn Your Kids Into Real Food Lovers!

Do you feel like each mealtime becomes a battle as you try to get your picky eaters to …eat? Do you ever throw your hands up in exhaustion and pull another box of mac ‘n cheese from the pantry, putting your toddler’s destroyed meal (that you worked so hard on) in the fridge for your lunch tomorrow? Do you wish you could get your toddler to eat real food, steering them away from the junk-filled, processed and packaged foods they somehow tend to gravitate towards? Well, I’ve got good news for you!

Mama, you can get your kiddo to eat real food. And, no, I don’t mean by holding them down and pushing it into their mouths ( <—never ever a good idea 😉 ).

Got Picky Eaters_

When I saw this ebook, Kids Eat Real Food, I thought of how often y’all ask how I get my kids to eat all the things I do – like any and all veggies (fermented to boot!), fermented cod liver oil (like this one), and lots more! I mostly attribute their willingness to eat anything I give them to starting early. From the first bites, they got a wide variety of fresh, nourishing foods because I had so recently discovered them myself. I’m so grateful I learned what I did before beginning to feed them. Their tastebuds didn’t have a chance to get accustomed to other, less filling and nourishing foods.

Of course, I know not everyone has the same story and many of you are desperately trying to reverse a pattern with a….toddler. (Kinda like trying to catch a hurricane sometimes, isn’t it? 🙂 ) I’ve heard from you and seen how difficult it is to transition kids into a real food diet where things taste…different sometimes. Because it’s been such a blessing to have great eaters (albeit an expensive blessing because they eat so much 🙂 ), I wanted to share this resource with you. I believe it contains some tools your family will benefit from to keep truckin’ along on your real food journey.

In this ebook, Vanessa shares her family’s journey from the typical, standard American diet (SAD) to a more traditional, nourishing way of eating…and how she has seen her children adapt from Hamburger Helper to fermented foods and the like!

Sound great? Yep! Impossible? Nope!

 Kids Eat Real Food

Vanessa says:

I asked parents what their biggest struggle was in getting their kids to eat healthy, and the overwhelming majority told me that they were just tired of fighting and arguing, convincing and manipulating, and giving ultimatums to their kids about food.

And I completely understand what they are talking about, because we used to be those parents, too.

But, I’m about to tell you something that will drastically change your persepective, and it will probably change the dinner time atmosphere in your home, as well.

You don’t have to force your kids to eat healthy.

There’s so much wisdom in this book and I love how candid she is – she also includes a ton of ideas. She doesn’t leave you hanging with a bunch of advice but takes it even further with how to implement getting your kiddos to eat real food. You’ll find more than 30 delicious recipes and ways to make eating fun – so they don’t even notice.

More resources for working with a picky eater:

What are your picky eaters’ fave food? And what do you wish they were? 🙂


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