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How to Do Real Food in a Tiny Kitchen

There’s no way I can do all that stuff she does in her kitchen – it’s massive and mine’s so tiny! 

Ever thought something like this while reading a blog or listening to a friend yak on about how she’s fermenting this or that? If your kitchen is super tiny and you wonder how on earth you could ever take some of those Baby Steps you’ve been wanting to in such a limited space, I think you’ll be encouraged below!

How to Do Real Food in a Tiny Kitchen   -

A Peak Inside Tiny Kitchens

A bunch of natural living bloggers and I have teamed up to show you what our teeny-tiny kitchens look like and how we manage to prepare real food with little counter space, storage space, etc. In other words, we’re the “real life” ladies with kitchens just like you!

In the tour of my kitchen below, you’ll learn how I recently had to downsize about half my kitchen space. You’ll see much of my counter space is taken up with items that simply won’t fit in cabinets. And go ahead and imagine a plethora of toddler cups, toys and dirty dishes littered in the sink and surrounding counters – because that would also be real life (I just cleaned it so you could see it ;).

Still, on any given day in my kitchen, you might find one or more of these happening in this space:

  • some carrots fermenting in jars at the bottom of my pantry
  • whey dripping into a bowl from the cheesecloth bag above
  • chicken stock simmering for soups and to sip on those not-so-healthy days
  • beans soaking in the crock pot for a yummy chili
  • nuts and/or fruit dehydrating to be enjoyed for months to come
  • yogurt culturing on the counter 
  • sourdough reactivating for breads, pizza dough, rolls, waffles, and more
  • real, nourishing ice cream churning
  • bright red tomatoes and other foods boiling in the canning process
  • various other condiments brewing, fermenting, mixing, etc.

You’ll also notice a short reference to my coffee addiction. I am human. I need the feeling of a hot cup in my hands in the morning (and tea is just…yech :). 

My Disclaimers

So I hear people say all.the.time, “how do you do it all?” Well, if you’ve been around for long, you know I don’t do it all. And definitely not all the time. I do what I can, when I can. And my secret? The majority of these things honestly take very, very little time – most of them are so hands-off it’s not even funny. I promise, you can add things in little by little and not feel overwhelmed!

Also, I do not own all the appliances I discuss – I borrow some, saved up for others, acquired some second-hand, etc. It’s taken me years to accumulate some of these items (like enough jars to have a good rotation, my gorgeous stock pot, etc.). But even before I had some of these items, I was able to incorporate many of these aspects. For example, making whey? You need a bowl, a kitchen towel and a wooden spoon.

So, let me take you on a little tour of my…little kitchen.





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Do you have a tiny kitchen? What aspects of real food prep have you been able to include? What do you hope to include?

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