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Big Announcement – Guess What We’re Doing This Year?

You’ve noticed. And checked in with me to see if everything has been alright. And it has really touched me that you noticed. It has been quiet around here! But everything is really ok.

Big Announcement - Guess What We're Doing This Year? #pregnant #triples #newbaby #family

My family experienced a major upheaval this past summer when we moved from the only city I’ve ever lived in to a new city a 12 hour drive away. The transition has been difficult, as expected – more on that later. But it has also been amazing. You can read my update on our new life in Tennessee here.

The Announcement!

But even more exciting is that we are adding to our family!! And this time it is one baby. It’s true! This time around we will get to experience a singleton and I am pretty excited. Finding out we were having triplets was the shock of our lives so this time we got an ultrasound at 8 weeks. I wanted to be able to answer the questions I knew I’d get like “so, how many you havin’ this time?”

I think our ultrasound tech felt our sense of urgency to know how many I was baking in here: we wheeled our three year old triplets in their beast of a stroller into the tiny room. She stared at them, looked at us, looked back at them and laughed with understanding.

When we saw one baby (the size of a raspberry!) in there, I almost cried with relief. The past almost-four-years have been incredible and I wouldn’t trade them for the world, and we would welcome however many sweet babies the Lord blessed us with…but, man, I’m so excited to be having one baby. Soon I’ll be mama to FOUR children three and under!

What Are the Chances?

Everyone wants to know what the chances of more multiples are for us. We do, too. πŸ™‚ When we began thinking about being pregnant again, I had to do research (c’mon, did you expect anything else??). Since my triplets were spontaneous – I ovulated three eggs naturally! – some doctors would say that my chances of more multiples are better. Spontaneous triplets are 1 in 8,000 births. More multiples with a history of multiples could certainly be in my future!

But this time, it is one.

Letting the Secret Out

We finally announced our new baby with a very early Christmas card. πŸ™‚

Big Announcement - Guess What We're Doing This Year? #pregnant #triples #newbaby #family

Currently I’m 20 weeks! It’s so hard to believe I’m nearly halfway there. Something about chasing after three toddlers has made this time fly by like it draaaaaaaaagged with my first pregnancy.

The Differences

Aside from the weeks flying by, about a month ago I started experiencing the nausea lessening. Then a few weeks later it disappeared. Since then life has been incredible! I cannot believe how much different I feel. With the triplets, I was sick for pretty much the entire 32 weeks and 4 days! The nausea was rough and the amount of food I needed to eat made for a level of stress all it’s own. But now, with this one I feel nearly my usual self!

I am definitely showing, now, though not as much as I was with the triplets. (Thank goodness!)

Big Announcement - Guess What We're Doing This Year? #pregnant #triples #newbaby #family

Big Announcement - Guess What We're Doing This Year? #pregnant #triples #newbaby #family

Another difference between these pregnancies is that I am not nearly as worried this time around! With the triplets we prayed to make it through another day – since every day closer to 24 weeks meant the big Viability Week. This time, I am not fighting terror that one or more babies won’t make it…or a host of other worries. So thankful!!

We had a relatively uneventful pregnancy for higher order multiples, but I still had a cerclage and was in the ER a few times for scares. I also had had monthly appointments with my OB, monthly ultrasounds and monthly visits with my perinatologist. Around 22 weeks that all increased to bi-monthly! With this baby? I just finally found a midwife and had my first appointment this week!

Where Baby will be Born

Yes, I did say midwife and I will be birthing at home. I am so excited about this; birthing naturally was the plan last time but all three babies were not in position and all kinds of other fun stuff. Together, David and I interviewed a half dozen midwives in the area. They are all highly recommended, respected by the doctors at Vanderbilt Hospital and some have been delivering babies longer than OBs. Every one of them confirmed I was a good VBAC candidate and weren’t anxious about me birthing at home. None of them have concerns about my desire to deliver at home. All of them got smiles on their faces and leaned forward as I described the kind of birth experience I hope and plan to have (no interventions, water birth, catching the baby – yep!).

And all of them come with all the equipment needed for an emergency situation in the event of a transfer. All of them had very low transfer rates to the hospital.

What does this mean? It means that they are very skilled women who take necessary precautions but see birth as a part of life and not something to be “treated.” Isn’t that amazing? Refreshing?? I think so!

So, thanks for sticking with me during the silence here at Growing Up Triplets! I had a lot to work through but am excited to start engaging with you all again! Join me on Pinterest (I’m pinning lots of baby things these days πŸ˜‰ , Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. And join my email list so you don’t miss any updates or deals that I’ve got coming up! I’ll be sharing what I’m doing this pregnancy, how I’m preparing for birth and my favorite products.

Are you pregnant or have a new baby? Or does this post bring back memories? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Photo Shoot PC: Audrey Spillman Photography!


  1. Congratulations!
    My husband and I are currently expecting our 4th baby in Feb. We will be having four children ages 4 and under (all single births). Children are such a blessing!

  2. Congrats! We are expecting number 8 in August. All single births and the last 3 were wonderful home births with a great midwife.

  3. Congratulations, that’s wonderful news! I hope you get the birth experience you described (that’s what I’m praying for with my third, whenever that is). πŸ™‚

    I had a c-section with my first also (just one baby, though) after planning for a natural birth. πŸ˜‰ He was a very stubborn 42+ week-er who decided he wasn’t interested in exiting his cosy home (even after 32 hours on pitocin). My second was a successful VBAC (whoo-hoo!). The only counsel I would share would be to have a plan in place just in case you have scar pain. Once I was in active (dilating, progressing) labor, the pain from my c-sec scar was excruciating. I ended up choosing an epidural for sanity’s sake (no pressure points for scar pain relief, boo-hoo). From what I’ve read, not all ladies have this scar pain, so hopefully you won’t. Just thought I’d share just in case it helps (I was not prepared for that, so it caught me off guard). πŸ™‚

  4. Congratulations! Today I just had baby #4 after having spontaneous triplet girls who are now three years old also! It’s such a different experience!

  5. Very happy for you, Jennifer! I pray you have a beautiful VBAC at home in 20 weeks!

  6. I’m so happy for you!

  7. Kristina Heyden says

    We had a singleton VBAC when our twins were 22 months old. She’s almost two now, and the twins have been wonderful with her from the start! There is definitely a sense of relief when you have one baby after multiples. I loved nursing my twins, but I was SO tired, trying to meet the needs of two babies, I found that caring for one baby was a breeze, and I thoroughly enjoyed and savored each moment of my youngest’s baby days. Congrats!

  8. Expecting #4 also…and just like your Sweet Peas are 2 months older than my 3 year old, your 4th will be 2 months older than my 4th. You’d think we’d planned this or something! Excited for you guys! Love to you and your gang! p.s. Ethan wants to know what your new baby’s name is. πŸ™‚

  9. Jessica White says

    I completely understand! I’m due 2 weeks after you with #5 for our family. There were a couple of weeks when we thought it may be 2 this time, but there’s only one. Our triplets turned 3 December 22nd, and our oldest is 5. We get a lot of “You must be insane?!” looks from people. We’re also doing a homebirth this time!

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