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Can I Heal Cavities Naturally?

Could we heal cavities naturally?? That is the first question that flew through my mind when our dentist’s hygienists told me that TWO of my five children had FIVE cavities between them.

Can I Heal Cavities Naturally?

What Happened??

My children’s entire lives have, thankfully!, been free from medical interventions. We have worked to eliminate toxins from our home, our pantry and our “medicine cabinet” (and have been successful!). For the past 10 years, my husband and I have been on this journey together and teaching our children why we do what we do (or don’t do what we don’t do). Other than the circumstances surrounding my C-section birth for the triplets, we have never had a hospital stay. The other two children were born at home. All were breastfed for almost 3 years each (well, still counting for #5). And we chose to begin them all on a very living, nutrient dense and SAD-free diet. None of them have ever had an antibiotic. We don’t use pharmaceuticals or OTCs. By the grace of God, their diet continued to be extremely nourishing and free from chemicals…

So when they told me they had cavities – at a typical routine cleaning – I freaked out. Not joking. I was terrified. All this work and now cavities?!! This was not supposed to happen! They seemed to have had my good teeth genes (I’ve never had a cavity). Till now.

I asked our holistic dentist if we could try to heal their cavities instead of filling them right away and he said, “Yes!” While I was so relieved, I knew I had a big job ahead of me and I did not know the outcome. I got the low down for what he recommended. I cried some tears of shock and disappointment in the car. And I rolled up my sleeves.

So…what did I do?

I Researched How To Heal Cavities Naturally

I began reading Cure Tooth Decay and highly recommend it. I read and re-read parts and made notes about all the things we could begin to implement. It was a lot overwhelming. I knew I was going to have to essentially change much of the whole family’s diet if I hoped to heal cavities naturally.

What We Eliminated

  • Packaged foods. While our diet has been so very clean, we had added in a few organic convenience foods (usually with less than a handful of ingredients) during a really stressful year. So I buckled down and removed packaged foods.
  • No nuts, beans or grains. I typically soak and dehydrate the small amount of nuts we do eat. Beans are usually soaked with salt or ACV prior to cooking, too. And grains are either soaked or fermented. But I eliminated everything because of the remaining phytic acid and the potential effects on teeth.

What We Added

  • Ice cream. What? Yep. We buy cream from happy cows and have made ice cream with it weekly for about six years with this awesome ice cream maker. Anyway, raw cream is actually really beneficial for creating strong teeth. So we made some with a little less maple syrup for the kids and they enjoyed a treat for our weekly “Movie Night.”
  • Lots and lots of milk. Similar to the cream situation, we upped our milk order with our wonderful farmer, Jimmy. (Side note: y’all, know where your food comes from, appreciate the heck outta them and they’ll be your friend.) We began getting 4.5 gallons a week and the kids drank milk nearly every meal.
  • Lots and lots of cheese. And butter. I buy our (truly!) raw cheese from a farm in PA. And I opted for Kerrygold butter because, while making butter is something I’ve enjoyed in the past, I felt it was one thing I could swap out.

Supplements We Took

  • Cod liver oil. My kids have always taken this – off and on – from infancy. We use this brand. I simply began giving it each night.
  • Butter oil. I added this in to pack a punch with the CLO. It’s super high quality and is available in liquid or caps.
  • Oil pulling. I wasn’t sure how this was going to go down, honestly. But they were champs! They started low and slow. Eventually they got up to 15 minutes! I just warmed coconut oil to liquid, added some clove essential oil and poured into little molds. About 1 teaspoon daily per child lasted my kids weeks from one batch! 
  • Trace minerals. More on this in a minute, but this is what we use.
  • Silidyn. This is a concentration of specific minerals needed by the body for strong teeth, bones, hair, nails, etc. I was very excited to see how shiny and healthy it made one of my kiddos’ hair. (If you’re in Middle TN, our holistic dentist sells this product with a slightly different and proprietary formulation.)


  • Burst Toothbrushes – we really love these toothbrushes! They come highly recommended in the holistic dental world!! I’ll also be hosting a giveaway on Instagram, so head over to enter to win!
  • Brushing and flossing. They brushed in the morning and we brushed and flossed for them at night.

Will this work for you?

Will you be able to heal your cavities naturally? Will you be able to heal your child’s? I don’t know. I think so! I have been amazed to see what some others have experienced – chipping, peeling, flaking, decaying teeth turned into strong, healthy, regrowing teeth. I have seen holes in people’s teeth literally disappear. Your dentist may tell you it’s not possible. And it’s not. Not unless you are dedicated to the process and changes that need to be made.

Why not just get the cavities filled?

Can I Heal Cavities Naturally

Good question! I seriously thought about it! Many times I thought about it! But I couldn’t stand the thought of weakening their teeth, using anesthesia and just putting them through all that. Not to mention the fact that if we couldn’t figure out what was contributing or causing the decay on their really great diets…well, they were doomed to have a mouth full of fillings. No bueno in my book.

Back to Minerals…

Ok so I said I would come back to the mineral supplementation. We are big believers in filtering your water source and eliminating the harmful chemicals and minerals. We did lots of research and decided on a Berkey countertop unit. We loved it but began to hear that it was also filtering the good minerals out, too! So, after doing more research, we landed on Propur filters that don’t filter out the good minerals and could be used with our Berkey system. They are cheaper in the long run and you don’t need separate fluoride filters – they’re all inclusive! We have since switched over to a whole house filter with Propur and have really loved it!

I believe that the kiddos’ teeth became demineralized not from the diet but from the lack of minerals in their water. (This can be an issue with other filtration systems, too!!) So we are slowly reducing much of the rigorous routine above and thinking that the switch to ProPur + supplemental minerals from time to time will prove to be just the thing.

So that’s it! I can’t tell you what exactly you will need to do to heal cavities naturally as each body is different and each set of circumstances is different. However, find a dentist who will work with you and problem solve instead of scheduling those fillings right away. In six months – a year, I bet you’ll be surprised!

Have you healed cavities? I’d love to hear your success stories below!

Can I Heal Cavities Naturally

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