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About is a journal for our family – a place for us to remember events and stories that have affected us. Hopefully we will look back on the posts and see God’s hand at work in each of our lives; for He is sure to have moved in each of us, painting our life stories with His brush of sovereignty!

That is the predominant, overarching goal. This is the immediate goal: to have a forum for sharing our current struggles and victories. It’s a place to talk about the joys and challenges of being parents to triplets, a place to share things God is leading us to do – how He’s calling us to parent, love and raise our children. It’s a place to discuss what He is teaching us – how we are growing and what we are learning. And it’s a place to communicate our failures, in hopes that others will be able to learn from them.

Now, I am very passionate about…well, a lot of things. And that’s part of what I talk about: I love to share with you the things I am learning and how they are affecting my family. But I also know that “my way” isn’t the best way, so if you disagree – great! Stick around and share your thoughts, too! I love hearing them!

Fountain Family – The History

David and I met in 2008 at our church. By February 2009 we were dating (or courting =). We were engaged in September of the same year and married February 5, 2010. Now, I sped through those events. Quickly. However, there is much to our story! God orchestrated events so completely and way more incredibly than either of us could have imagined, dreamed or planned. I’ll tell ya about it sometime…

And in March of 2011, we found out we were pregnant (yes, the math equals 13 months post-wedding!)! Soon after, at 11 weeks, we found out it was three babies! (To read the rest of this story, click here.) Fast-forward to October 1, 2011 and we suddenly had Makenna Mae, Noah David and Emma Claire!!! Born at 32.4 weeks to a very new mama and dada, life became a whirlwind! (You can read the rest of their birth story here and here.)

It’s been quite a journey, but we love it. David and I love attending our local church, Metro Life Church, and are so grateful for our relationships we have there. It is through living our lives with transparency with these believers, making others aware of our needs and failures, that we (hopefully!) have grown more like Christ.

How We Began

Now where did come from? Glad ya asked! Originally it began as the Fountain Family Blog in November 2009. (Back then, it was just us: David and me. :sigh: So much has changed!) Lemme see if I can give you a little insight into who we are (and in no particular order):

  • We both love Starbucks. Shocker.
  • We disagree on the perfect size house dog.
  • He’s lived in three states, she’s lived in one.
  • We have similar tastes in decorating.
  • We go everywhere together.
  • We’d rather be watching something on the couch.
  • We are seven years apart; we each have four siblings (she is the oldest, he the second youngest – he’s an ID twin!).
  • She loves learning how to live more healthily, he’s her guinea pig.
  • We agree that snow is nice to visit – not live in.
  • He went to college, she didn’t.
  • We love to travel.
  • She’s been out of the country six times, he only twice!
  • We plan to adopt.
  • He loves the gym, she doesn’t.
  • We make each other laugh.
  • She loves to write, he loves to flip houses.
  • We love Chipotle.
  • He notices the rims on cars, she counts the stick figures on the back window.
  • We love each other…

The End.

My header photo was is an original photo by the fantastic Kent Landerholm – thanks, Kent!!

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