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About Danny Jones

Danny pastors at Metro Life Church, the church he founded nearly 30 years ago. He and his wife, Melodye, have been married for over three decades. They have four children and seven grandchildren - and number 8 is on his way!

How Should Porn be Handled in the Church?

Pornography is a problem everywhere, for sure. But how should porn be handled in the church? How should it be dealt with in the community of believers, the household of faith? For many, the answer is simple: Do nothing. Say nothing. Don't give anybody any ideas, for goodness' sake! (Interested to see just how common porn is in the church?) It seems like the only strategy local pastors, youth leaders, children's ministry workers, biblical counselors and small group leaders have is to wait until someone brings the subject up before anything can be said. Unless, of course, you do a special sermon or seminar on the subject to educate and equip your church members in the fight against the … [Read more...]