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About David Fountain

Husband and father of three, David enjoys helping others. Since the Holy Spirit propelled him to confess and open up to a friend and counselor over 15 years ago, he has been walking in freedom and seeking to honor God with integrity, purity and holiness. He enjoys seeing others experience the freedom Christ has for them. When he’s not meeting with others, you can find David playing with his kiddos or assisting people in finding their next home. He has been married to Jennifer for nearly four years and is the proud father to the triplets.

How to Talk About Homosexuality with Christian Teens

Homosexuality. Did I get your attention? I'm sure I did and I'm sure you dread figuring out how to talk about homosexuality with your teens. Maybe you’re thinking, “If talking with my teen(s) about sex wasn't already hard enough, now I've got to add this to the conversation?” Yes, absolutely.  Even if your teen has been “sheltered” from public school exposure, it's almost impossible to protect them from the pro-homosexual advancement of our current cultural climate. Not just homosexuality, but sexuality in general isn't just tolerated anymore: it's celebrated. Everywhere you turn, teens are encouraged to explore their sexuality and discover who they are, what gender they'd like to … [Read more...]

Getting Help: The Process of Growing, Changing & Healing

“You're blessed when you're at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God and his rule.”   (Peterson) What does getting help look like? How can we have true and lasting change, healing and growth? 1. The first step to getting help is actually realizing that you need and truly desire help.  It's nearly impossible to receive help, or help someone who doesn't recognize their need for, and truly want, help. I was completely at the end of my rope when I first stepped foot into that counselor's office over 15 years ago.  I wasn't just open to receiving help, I was desperate.  There was no way that I could keep holding this deep dark secret in any … [Read more...]