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About Jessica Harris

Jessica Harris is a Christian blogger, speaker and former porn addict. Since going public with her story in 2009, she has written for various ministries and travels, speaking on purity, addiction, and grace. She has self-published one book, an e-devotional entitled Love Done Right: Devos and is currently working on a book capturing her own journey into and out of porn addiction. She lives just north of Washington DC where she balances her ministry with being nanny to two adorable boys (both under two). You can read more of her story at Beggar’s Daughter and catch a glimpse into her reflections on life on her personal blog, Chai Dates with Grace.

A Girl Who Struggled with Porn: Breaking Free from a Cardboard Prison

If you've missed the first part of Jessica's story, be sure to read it here. Through tears, I looked up at the dean from my seat in the second row and said, "Do I have to?" She seemed shocked, "Yes." I looked down at those sheets of paper and thought about what she had said moments before, "We know some of you struggle with pornography and masturbation." I'm not alone. I'm not a freak. Other people struggle with this, too! Even with that hope, I struggled to write it down. I wanted something more 'Christian' like "loving my neighbor, or reading my Bible more." After all, weren't those important? I wouldn't technically be lying. That battle seemed to rage for hours, though … [Read more...]

A Girl Who Struggled with Porn – Who Happened to be a Christian

In the first part of my story (How Three Minutes Changed My Life), I shared a small part of my journey as a young woman struggling with a porn addiction. I was caught and told that it couldn't have been me because 'women just don’t have this problem.' I gave up after that, and decided that even though I was a Christian, even though I grew up in the church, even though I was attending a Christian college and wanted to live for God, I had no other choice but to become an adult actress. In the fall of 2003, at the age of 17, I sent pictures to a complete stranger. A Girl Who Struggled with Porn - Who Happened to be a Christian Oddly, enough, that was a form of confession, for me. More … [Read more...]

What’s the Big Deal About Porn?

“I don’t see what the problem is.  I’m not hurting anyone.” What's the Big Deal About Porn? It’s a statement that sums up the thought process of many who watch pornography.  After all, it’s better than actually going out and sleeping with someone, right?  As a teenager, I believed that thought process.  I thought that purity only encompassed my virginity.  As long as I maintained that status, I was good.  Pornography, in my very immature teenage opinion, was just a harmless form of release for pent up sexual tension, a safe place to sexually explore without the worry of bodily harm, STDs, or unplanned pregnancy. The lie is that pornography is harmless, … [Read more...]

How Three Minutes Changed My Life

The first pornographic video I ever saw was 3 minutes and 23 seconds long.  Less than five minutes earlier, I was a typical thirteen year old girl, just looking for information for school.  That search led me right into hardcore pornography.  I had never searched for inappropriate terms.  I didn’t even know pornography existed.  By the end of that video, my entire world turned on its head. I clicked on the video and it led me to the website, and right to a streaming video feed.  No warnings.  No age verification.  Just porn-- free, uncensored, violent, and in abundance. The Addiction So began four years of an escalating problem with … [Read more...]