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About Kylene Chin

Kylene has been married to her hubs, Eric, for nearly 11 years. Together they have two amazing boys. She is a homeschooling mom, an essential oil educator and Young Living Essential Oils Independent Distributor #1471078. Contact her at 407-739-9136 or on Facebook.

Labor and Delivery: When Something Goes…Wrong

You’re pregnant. You’ve been waiting for months for "Labor and Delivery Day." You’ve had aches, huge boobs, more sweat and tears than normal, hemorrhoids, sciatic pain. Some of you maybe gained stretch marks. Some of you puked your brains out. Some of you read about child-birth and joyfully made your hubby watch videos of other women’s naked bodies push out a kid. Some of you never read a single thing or watched a single video clip. Some of you will choose an epidural. Some of you will choose a home birth. Some of you choose one thing but end up with the opposite. But one thing is for certain. You will not be pregnant forever. During your pregnancy, … [Read more...]

Chiropractic and Pregnancy – Why the Two Go Together

Let’s chat about chiropractic and pregnancy. For those of you that didn’t read my last post, What I Wish I Would’ve Known the First Time Around, I am the daughter of a chiropractor. My dad, Dr. Robert J. Natusch, Jr, DC, recently retired after near 40 years with offices in Northern New Jersey. My brother and sister-in-law are both licensed chiropractors at their family owned and operated practice, Upper Valley Chiropractic in Lebanon, New Hampshire (you can find them on Facebook). Chiropractic - a Lifestyle of Health My two siblings and I grew up vaccine-free, drug-free, and antibiotic-free. We never took over-the-counter pain meds or pills, even for headaches. If we had an issue, my … [Read more...]

What I Wish I’d Known with My First Birth – Natural Pregnancy

We tried. For three years, we tried for our first baby. I knew I didn’t want to go the clinical, fertility doctor route, but my husband was leaning that way. I always felt that God would bless us with children, but those three years of trying were longer than I expected. When I finally agreed to start researching fertility doctors, low and behold, we were pregnant! The excitement overwhelmed me! I enjoyed every.single.moment of my pregnancy. I never had severe morning sickness, though there were moments I felt a little green. But, I was grateful. I had waited three years for this! And I was thrilled to begin making plans for my first birth. My First Birth - Plans for Natural … [Read more...]