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About Luke Gilkerson

Luke Gilkerson is the Community Manager at Covenant Eyes, helping to educate individuals and family about how to stay safe online. He and his wife Trisha blog at

How Common Is Porn in the Church?

“Porn doesn’t have a demographic—it goes across all demographics.” – Paul Fishbein, founder of Adult Video News Porn is a human problem. It is not just a man problem. It is not just a teen problem. It is not just a problem “out there.” Porn impacts all types of people—Christians and non-Christians—for two basic reasons. First, porn is everywhere. It can be accessed easily, sometimes without intentionally looking for it, thanks to the ubiquity of high speed Internet connections, smartphones, and wi-fi. Second, people are sinful. Attraction to porn goes across all demographics, and for many of us, it is a style of sinful pleasure that easily ensnares us. Porn by the Numbers Let’s … [Read more...]