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Benefits of Breastfeeding Baby {The Fine Print}

Welcome back to our series on the Benefits of Breastfeeding Baby! When I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to breastfeed. I knew it was good for baby. I began to realize just how good it was for baby. And I also learned it was really good for me, too! One of my favorite finds? That the "goodness" doesn't stop at the baby's birthday! It is still good for baby and mom, for as long as they both want to continue. There's no magical switch that's flipped on her first birthday where all of a sudden, after diving into that smash cake, breastfeeding is no longer beneficial or good. Nope. Breastmilk continues to deliver: nutrients, emotional security, physical development, and more. In fact, the WHO … [Read more...]

Little Daycare in the Suburbs, part 2

Welcome back! If you're just joining us, check out the first part of Little Daycare in the Suburbs. So. Why is it so hard to leave triplets with a sitter? Glad you asked! Here's why: It is physically exhausting. Loading three babies into highchairs (12 times), out of them (12 times), onto a changing table (18 times), off of it (18 times), into cribs (9 times), out of them (9 times), into the stroller (3 times), out of it (3 times) is exhausting. (That's a full-on workout!! And mine "only" weigh 22 lbs!) And of course they aren't all happily watching you cart one kid around...oh no. It often sounds like a daycare class. I challenge anyone who isn't rattled by crying babies to join a … [Read more...]