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Happy Birthday!!!

Happy birthday, dear blog! I hope it's a blast! You've been such a great friend - forcing me to think and do research. You've been a help in remembering precious memories and tidbits. You save pictures of our sweet babies for us to see later and marvel at how far they've come. So thank you! Here's to many more! Ok, so technically it's not your birthday. Technically your birthday is November 9, 2009. David and I weren't even married yet. We needed a place to communicate details of our wedding and, of course, to share our engagement pictures (inaugural post: Engagement Shoot). But see, I took a really long break between then and this time last year. What was I thinking??? Oh, how I missed … [Read more...]

A Frog Prince and Two Princesses

If you missed yesterday's virtual Christmas card from our family to yours, you can click here! Right after the babies' birthday we did a birthday/family photo shoot with Simply Different Photography and we are using these adorable portraits for lots of things...but more on that later. =) May I introduce you to a very Froggity Frog Prince? And two Precious Princesses? I have to tell you: our photographer, Krystal Fabian of Simply Different Photography, did a phenomenal job! She brought an incredible amount of props, costumes, head pieces, sets, etc. She also had an assistant (which in my experience and very humble opinion =) is the only way … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas!!!

From the Fountain Family to yours - we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a joyous Christmas season! We are celebrating Him who came to give life, to rescue us from the miry pit!! The rest of the pictures from the photo shoot will be up tomorrow. I'll give you a'll meet a frog and a princess or two. =) … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, part 2

(If you missed yesterday's post, check it out here. Love, The Very Hungry Caterpillar) When it was time for the babies to get their cake and eat it, too, we gathered them into their high chairs and...well, just watch this short video David put together last night. =) Surprisingly, they got VERY little on their outfits and I was easily able to get it all out with my all-natural stain-remover (but that's for another time). Here are some of my favorite shots of them a-smashin'. =) I know. I'm a cool mom. I couldn't NOT do it!! Of course, they haven't had sugar or anything since those few bites...and they … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, part 1

Well, it took me long enough, right??? Only 43 days past their birthday...but who's counting? September 30th, 2012 dawned clear and bright. And hot. Very, very, VERY hot. The day the babies were born (October 1, 2011), was chilly and everybody arriving at the hospital had their warm scarves, jackets and hot coffee in hand. 364 days later there was not a scarf in sight! But we kept on, grateful that it wasn't raining! I have to pause here for a moment and thank several people who made this day possible. (With three one year olds to still care for, I was left with very little time each day to prep for the party! Eight solid hours each day are spent just feeding my babies. Need I say … [Read more...]

Then and Now

(Ok, so I know I said I'd post birthday pics today, but it's taking longer than I thought. And I wanted to post this a few weeks ago, anyway...) A year makes a big difference in the life of a preemie. Our babies were born at 3 lbs 12-13 oz each and now weigh somewhere in the 18 lbs range. That is right where they should be for a FULL-TERM baby!! God is SO good!! (I wrote more about their growth process here.) I saw this idea on another triplet mama's blog and wanted to do it. I had NO idea how challenging it would be! Take a look at what they wore home from the hospital at one month old (between 4.12 and 5.8 each!) and how big they are one full year later.... And, just so you can … [Read more...]

Disappearing Act?

Nope. We haven't disappeared. The rapture hasn't taken place yet. We are still here, doing life like usual! I just took a break from writing after the blog series (below). I've gotten lots of requests for pictures of the babies' birthday party and I'm excited to share them soon (as in tomorrow, hopefully!!!). So stay tuned!!! … [Read more...]

How Big Is Baby? Sooo Big!!!

For those inquiring minds, I am happy to post that I finally know what the babies currently weigh! We had their 12 month check-up about a week and a half ago and our pediatrician was very happy with where they're at - no concerns and no issues. They are following their own growth curve and are on the charts for a full-term baby. Typically a pre-term baby goes by their "adjusted age" which means that if they were born nearly 8 weeks early, as ours were, they are measured by the age they would be had they been born full-term (FT). So, ours are 12.5 months "actual" and 10.5 months "adjusted." Makenna Mae-Mae was born at 3#13 oz and 16 1/4". She now weighs 17#13 oz and is 27" long. She weighs as … [Read more...]

Emma Claire – Sweet Girl

My sweet Emma. I remember how hard it was to trust God that He was caring for you in my womb when, at times, it seemed you were struggling the most. I saw how your brother and sister were growing and willed you to keep up with them. Now, it’s your brother and sister who are trying to keep up with you!!! (Learn early that the Lord is ALWAYS faithful, sweet girl, and you will have peace in those challenging times.) When I first held your little-ness in my arms, I marveled at how beautiful you were. Everything was so perfect – right down to the crooked pinkies we all got from Yaya! Throughout your stay in the NICU, you fought hard to be able to come home with us. Several times it seemed you … [Read more...]

Noah David – Little Man

My little man. You are such a show-off. From the earliest days of feeling three tiny babies kicking inside me, you were always quick to join the party and stomp away. When I finally laid eyes on you, I suddenly “got” what every other mother of a son experiences…you melted me. It was so hard to see my little man with his oxygen mask on, looking so frail and weak. Maybe I kinda expected you to hop out of my tummy looking tall and strong like daddy? You were soon trying, though! I couldn’t believe when I walked into your hospital room and saw your tiny bottom stuck in the air with your legs straight up underneath you! You were nearly two months premature and already you were doing what older … [Read more...]