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Boutique For A Week – sale week!

Children are expeeeensive! I mean, seriously. And mine are only 18 months old! I figured teenagers and food, college, sports would equal a lot of money. But 18 monthers??? Yep, it's true. I'll break it down for you: Clothing Since I got my kiddos all at once, I had to buy anything they needed. No hand-me-downs from previous siblings, even though I have two girls! I've been able to borrow a bunch of Noah's clothes off and on, but I really like having the girls match (you would, too!! =). And, since mine started out in size "preemie," we've gone through 18 sets of clothes in the first 18 months. That's right. Eighteen. Eighteen full sets of clothes. That's like buying an entire new wardrobe … [Read more...]