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Setting Goals for Breastfeeding Multiples

Maybe you're pregnant with more than one baby. And you want to breastfeed. You tell everyone, "Yes, actually. I am planning to breastfeed." And in the back of your mind you wonder how on earth you will be able to pull this off. Maybe you're lying in a hospital bed with several TOCO belts strapped to your stretched belly and wondering if you've done enough - gotten the right pump, talked to the right lactation consultants, found the right bottles that won't mess with nursing. Maybe your babies are already in front of you and you're struggling to balance a messy pump with colic-y babies with a supply that just will not boost. It's Ok, I Understand I've been there, mama. I have. I … [Read more...]

How Long Does Frozen Breast Milk Last?

So you've figured out how the pump works (a feat worthy of a celebration!) and now your breast milk is piling up. Yay! But, quick, freeze it so it doesn't go bad! Ok, so now the freezer is filling long will all this frozen breast milk last?  Frozen Breast Milk - How Long Will it Last? You ask a very good question, my friend! It would be such a shame for that liquid gold to go bad, so I've put together some information to help you figure out a good system for using up the oldest milk first and determining how long your little one's frozen breast milk will last. Once I finished pumping (I rented this one from the hospital for many months!), I ended up with enough frozen … [Read more...]

20 Tips for Pumping Breast Milk

"Mama, meet The Pump. Pump, meet Mama. Now, you two play nicely and have fun." Does it feel as if you've been handed a strange contraption and now must figure out how to get those breasts to put their milk in those bottles? Well, hang tight because I've got ya covered with some essential tips for pumping breast milk. Whether you're a mama for the second, third, fourth (or more) time around and just need some reminders or you're a brand new, first-time mama, with these tips you'll be well on your way to becoming a Pump Pro. (There really should be such a title. Pumping is hard, but rewarding, work, y'all!) 20 Tips for Pumping Breast Milk As a brand new mother of triplets, I knew the … [Read more...]

Is Breast Milk Enough for Premature Babies?

It’s not something anyone hopes or plans for – to go into preterm labor and deliver prematurely. But it happens often. In fact, 1 in 8 babies is born prematurely in the United States! Often, babies born early may face unique challenges that require medical supervision. So, is it safe to assume? Is breast milk enough for premature babies? Will it help them grow and develop their minds and bodies during the weeks they were missing from the womb? As a mom of triplets born at 32 weeks and 4 days, I have experience with giving my children both formula and breast milk (my own and donor milk). I wish I knew then what I soon learned after their birth. Read the rest here: Breast Milk for … [Read more...]

Can I Breastfeed Triplets? One Mama’s Journey

Is it possible to breastfeed triplets? Many told me no. They acted uncomfortable and I knew they pictured me with babies hanging off of me, nursing all the time. And it was kinda like that, but...well, let's go back to the beginning. Here's a peek at my story I shared over at The Paleo Mama. Can I Breastfeed Triplets? This Mama's Journey “Well, the good news is - it’s triplets!” Not the sentence I was expecting to hear from a doctor I’d never seen before. The day I learned my husband and I were expecting spontaneous triplets was one of the most memorable days of my life. I had a deep desire to birth any babies we were blessed with - naturally. I had a midwife, we were planning a home … [Read more...]

7 Easy, Natural Cold and Flu Remedies

This season, my husband and I were hit pretty hard with...something. It was a knock-you-off-your-feet couple of weeks. I did an assessment (since I am not big on doctor visits) and it seemed we were hit with the flu. Somehow, our toddlers escaped it. But both he and I were hanging out in the bathroom for several days. Let's just say it wasn't a bonding time for us. :) We were both very grateful for my arsenal of natural cold and flu remedies! We don't get the flu vaccine, so it is our responsibility to keep our vitamin D levels up to fight it off. Obviously, we didn't do a great job. Of course, we are none the worse for wear and our immune systems now have a natural immunity to the flu … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding Toddlers: When They Won’t Settle Down

Breastfeeding toddlers is a whole other ball game. Most likely the days of latch and supply issues, falling asleep during a feeding, and weight gain concerns are things of the past. Now, your only goal in life is to keep your nipple attached to your body! So how can an extended season of breastfeeding be enjoyable for mom, too? Curiosity Curiosity kills the cat…or the nipples. As babies grow older, their desire for independence and their curiosity for the world around them grows, too. The smallest sound causes them to “pop off” and sometimes forget to open their mouths. Ouch! So what's a mom to do? Weaning is only one of your options! Join me over at Breastfeeding Place to find out … [Read more...]

Goat’s Milk Formula – Recipe and Tutorial

This goat's milk formula recipe is a follow-up to Angela's story - if you missed why she and her husband chose goat's milk formula for their twin boys, click here! When I make formula, I buy 8 gallons of goat’s milk at a time.  This makes me 16 gallons of formula!!  I quadrupled the recipe shown below and rewrote it so it’s for 1 gallon of milk and 1 gallon of water, instead of 4 cups each.  This makes it easier as I get my milk in gallons.  So here’s how I prep on my formula making days… I put the dry ingredients (nutritional yeast and powdered vitamin C) in 8 little glass cups for the 8 batches I’ll be making.       I use 8 mugs … [Read more...]

Goat’s Milk Formula – One Mother’s Solution for Twins

Goat’s milk formula??! What’s in it? Where will I find the milk? Raw milk??...are you sure that’s safe? What if the boys don’t like it? What if it upsets their tummies? How much will this cost? How on earth will I continually mix it up with all of those ingredients? It seems overwhelming already! These were just some of the thoughts I had as we began the process of transitioning to goat’s milk formula when my boys were four months old. Let me digress and share a little about our journey… A Need and A Solution: Goat's Milk Formula I planned on breastfeeding my twins until they were at least a year old. I knew it would be a challenge, but never in my wildest dreams did I think it would … [Read more...]

Why I’m Slowly Weaning My Triplets

For the first two months of my babies' lives, I pumped every 2-3 hours, around the clock. I attempted breastfeeding. I got frustrated. At two and a half months, I began to teach Noah to nurse. It was painstakingly slow: weigh Noah, breastfeed Noah, weigh again, feed the girls, pump. For one feeding. (By the way, don't let this picture fool you - those sweet little kiddos were mostly whining and sobbing while waiting their turn. But, I digress.) Then I attempted to teach Makenna. Weigh the babies, tandem breastfeed, weigh again, feed Emma, pump. For one feeding. Oh yeah, there's a third baby! How to fit that third one in? Well Emma turned out to be the most challenging baby of all to … [Read more...]