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When There’s Three on the Screen – Three Babies

When you're lying there with goop on your belly, nervous and excited, and the technician says, "There's three!" Three babies. And time stops. And your heart takes forever to start beating again. And your mind goes numb, yet races at the same time. And someone tells you to smile. And you feel like a freak. When you look at the man you created a child with, learn there are three and wonder if he'll stay with you. And your heart wills him to feel through the panic and walk it with you. Even as he does the same. When logic commands you to deny all possibilities, every fibre of your being in confusion. And yet curiosity compels you closer. And the mother's heart within you draws you, … [Read more...]

Loving Moms…

You may or may not have come across a teensy-weensy debate or two when perusing the web, Facebook, blogs, etc….debates where loving moms are criticizing others for the ways they are raising their children. I certainly have my convictions and am happy to share those with others. =) But the way I do things is not the only way. Many kids are being raised (and have been raised!) in loving, happy homes and are parented in completely different ways. None of us appreciates being made to feel we are doing something unloving for our kids. (However, shouldn’t we all be open to evaluate – through others’ suggestions and information-sharing – how we could improve? I think so!) The point is that we … [Read more...]