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Your Darkest Secrets…

Imagine sharing the deepest part of your soul - online. For all the world to see. And share. Imagine not being able to control people's thoughts of what you share - whether they agreed or disagreed, understood or misunderstood, had pity or compassion. Darkest Secrets and Stories Shared For many of the authors in the Gatekeepers series, the story(ies) they share is a part of their testimony. As in, it has occurred in the past - God has brought them through, up and out of the pit. Their reasons for sharing are varied. For some, they felt alone in their struggles and satan used that, fed that feeling and kept them struggling for far too long. Some share their stories for a living - … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding Triplets: A Battle of Love

**The response to this post has been overwhelming! I truly hope it is helpful to others to hear the struggles and victories of a mama who is breastfeeding triplets - against many odds. Please take a moment and "like" us on Facebook so that you can stay up to date with the goings-on here at Growing Up Triplets! And leave a comment to say "hey!" =) ** Today I’m guest-posting over at Intoxicated on Life. Trisha is running a series on breastfeeding – the challenges, joy, obstacles, paraphernalia and stories of dozens of women and their children. And she asked me to join these women and share my journey. If you’ve been reading Growing Up Triplets long, you know sharing what God has done for me … [Read more...]

The Booby Trap

It's no secret that I'm a fan of breastfeeding...and now I'm a fan of extended breastfeeding. =) It is probably my most favorite-est accomplishment in all my life - to teach three babies how to breastfeed and be doing so still at 17 months! You may remember my post on Covenant Eyes' blog last year: P*rn. Well, Luke (CE's blog manager) and his wife Trisha are the authors over at Intoxicated On Life and are currently in the middle of a series on breastfeeding. I'm sosososo excited about it because this information is so needed! Through a variety of contributing authors, they are addressing a massive amount of topics and information each week - from latch issues to myths to … [Read more...]

The Gospel Can Speak Through Blogging

Recently I posted on the consequences of pornography (here). In this particular post I shared briefly about an internet accountability site, Covenant Eyes, and linked to their website. Besides this being one of my most viewed/read posts, Covenant Eyes' blog manager saw it and emailed me to ask us to write something for their blog. So we jumped at it - another opportunity to share some of our testimony and hopefully give hope to others?! Absolutely! We are grateful for the avenues the Lord continues to open up for us. It's also exciting to be able to share the power of the Gospel with others even when I can't get out of the house. The Lord is faithful! Here is the article: Accountability … [Read more...]

Porn, Sex, and Protection

The Christian blog scene is hopping with reviews of recent movies and books hitting the press. (Some of my favorite posts are listed below.) Before you sign off on this, bored, let me ask you a question. Does anyone in your house view pornography? Has anyone in your house ever viewed pornography? No? Sadly, I'll bet they have. The statistics say they probably have. Did you know: "90% of children between the ages of 8 and 16 have viewed porn online. The average child sees porn for the first time at age 11....The number one consumer of pornography is boys, ages 12-17...Statistically, you're probably too late." (Mark Driscoll, The Peasant Princess) A little shocked? So was I. If 10 … [Read more...]